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Valley Viewpoints

Valley Viewpoints: Readers deserve the truth

by Dan Chalifoux, Legislator Chair, Reapportionment Committee In a recent letter to the editor, entitled “Politics as Usual.” Legislator Dan Farfaglia once again attempted to mislead the public with regard to a process being used to bring Oswego County’s legislative districts in compliance with state and federal laws. It is only fair that readers are fully informed(…)

Valley Viewpoints: No raises in Granby

by Cheryl Holmes, Fulton While watching the Fox News Channel Oct. 16, Fox talked about our federal government giving the seniors their cost of living raise. The senior citizens are going to get a huge 1.7-percent raise on their Social Security Check. If you are lucky enough to get a Social Security Check of $1,000.00 a(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Fundamental differences

by Phillip Vasho, Fulton As many of you may know, the Oswego County Clerk’s office has been the center of controversy for the past several years. I decided to run for the office because I believe, like many of you, that enough is enough. There are some fundamental differences between myself and my opponent. My opponent said(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Effective senator?

by Michael Kunzwiler, Legislator I was disappointed to learn that Senator Patty Ritchie refuses to carry Home Rule legislation for St. Lawrence County so that they can raise their sales tax by one-cent per dollar to avoid a double digit property tax increase. This also concerns me for the residents of Oswego County because of the uncertainty(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Granby budget

by Rose Anthony, Granby Nov. 7 at 6 p.m., a public hearing will be held on the Granby Town budget for next year. I believe each and every taxpayer should attend and speak your mind about this budget. Our budget officer prepared an excellent budget, giving more money for road repairs than any time in history,(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Election is about ‘us’

by Amy Tresidder, Candidate NYS Senate 48th District I would like to thank all of the many people I have met who have shared with me their concerns about state government. As a resident and taxpayer of the New York Senate 48th District, I share those same concerns. During this campaign, I have been faulted for failing to(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Alarm in Schroeppel

by Rebecca Robertson, Pennellville The alarm has gone off at least for this sleeping giant. Being an apolitical person, I was drug into the arena when I heard many in our Town of Schroeppel wanted an increase in their wages. What? In this economy? I’m all for trickle-down if I’m at the top but our community is(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Increase needed

by Roxanne Stuart, President Resident Council Michaud Residential Health Services As a resident of Michaud Residential Health Services in Fulton, I ask you to contact your elected state officials and urge their support of legislation that seeks to amend the social services law, in relation to the personal expense allowance for residents of residential health care facilities(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Throw out the plan

by Barbara Brown, Pennellville A news article in the Oct. 13 edition of The Valley News, regarding Democrats irked over redistricting, should have included Republicans, too! I had been advised that Palermo, which had been in one piece 20 years during my tenure in the legislature, was being split with the Scriba district, the New Haven(…)

Valley Viewpoints: At a crossroads

By Bryan L. Haynes II As a native of Oswego County, I couldn’t be happier that Mike Backus is running for Oswego County clerk. Our country is at a crossroads and it is the youthful, independent minded yet principled leadership of men and women like Mike that give me hope for the future. I have complete(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Why you should care

by Dan Farfaglia, Legislator Every 10 years, the county legislative districts we live in are reviewed and changed when necessary because of changes in population. These changes are supposed to ensure that all the county’s districts are roughly equal in population. Just as important, these new districts are supposed to be designed in a way that(…)

Valley Viewpoints: County clerk race

by Wes Belcher of Fulton Recently, Legislator Doug Malone wrote a very eloquent letter concerning the race for the county clerk opening. The election for this seat is to held in the November election between Michael Backus and Phil Vasho. I agree with Mr. Malone’s opinion that the voice of the people must be heard as to(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Expect more of the same

by Doug Malone, Legislator I guess the news of senator Patty Ritchie’s endorsement of Michael Backus for county clerk means Oswego County residents can expect more of the same controversy and overspending if Backus is elected. Back in August, most of the Republican legislators voted to award a contract for the clerk’s office to IQS, the company(…)

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