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Valley Viewpoints

Valley Viewpoints: Repeal snowmobile bill

by Robert Jonick, North Syracuse The year 2012 was the lowest snowmobile registration year in the past 18 years. New York State and the Snowmobile Association need to wake up. They are on the “Titanic” and need to change course. Last year, registrations for snowmobiles saw a drop of about 45,000, causing the trail fund to(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Paying twice

by Rodney Delong, Granby I would like to share a concern regarding the use (or misuse) of taxpayer dollars when it comes to snow removal at my local fire station. Each year, Cody Fire Commissioners Les Johnson, Dave Pittsley, Doug Wolford, Richard Allen and Morris Sorbello (also an Oswego County Legislator) bid and contract out a(…)

Wanted: Pop tabs

by Rosemary Occhino, Fulton Board of Education For the remainder of the 2012-2013 year, the Fulton City School District will participate in the Ronald McDonald House Charities of CNY’s “Pick Up the Tab” campaign. This campaign collects aluminum  pop tabs year-round. Pop tabs  are found on soda and soup cans, some animal food containers, and other(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Shame on Fulton

by Vincent T. LaQuire, Fulton I attended another meeting of the Fulton Zoning Board Jan. 10. The last meeting I attended I left feeling confused by the board’s action. This time, I left feeling ashamed of the board members, who I feel dropped the ball in restoring 112 Division Street to the city’s tax roles by(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Heartwarming

by Mary Margaret Pezzella-Pekow and Helen Hoefer, Catholic Charities of Oswego County Words cannot express the gratitude we have for the overwhelming amount of food and gift donations that we received during the holiday season. The generosity of our community members, organizations, church members, and area business both large and small, was truly heartwarming. Through the efforts of(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Truth, justice, the American way

by Frank Castiglia, Fulton No, it’s not a Superman show — it was the show put on at the last Common Council meeting on the City of Fulton budget. First the truth: General Appropriations: $15,452,097, which is up $292,649 from 2012; Fuel budget for police cars: $50,000, which is up $1,000. Overtime budget: $899,600, which is down(…)

Valley Viewpoints: ‘It’s a shame…’

by Vincent T. LaQuire (via e-mail) Thomas Jefferson said it best: “The Tree of Liberty from time to time must be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants!” And now is the time to renew those words, for America has become a den of thieves and tyrants. Like Mrs. Obama, I’m ashamed to be an American.(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Oswego orphanage

by Frank Fisher, Florida Regarding the story in The Valley News, Dec. 13, 2012 headlined “State Residents should have access to records,” refers to government records. Access to minutes is also discussed; it is unclear whether the minutes of meetings refer only to government meetings. The story also refers to a program for the Centennial Celebration of(…)

Remember the children

As a parent who has suffered the loss of a child, I truly cannot say I know what the parents of the Newtown children that lost their lives are going through. How horrific to have your child ripped away from you by someone that only public opinion will probably give you a definition of. Where(…)

Valley Viewpoints: YMCA and seniors

by Chris Iven, Fulton YMCA RSVP and the Fulton YMCA share a common goal: to strengthen our community. That’s why we’ve been so grateful to work with members of RSVP over the years. We know that by helping seniors stay healthy, we’re strengthening the backbone of our community. To solidify our partnership and to help more seniors,(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Safety of children

by Gregg Heffner, Commissioner Oswego County DSS This letter is in response to the “Dollars and Sense” submission by Marilyn Nye in the Dec. 12, 2012 edition of The Valley News. As the commissioner of Oswego County Department of Social Services and the past director of services for the department, I have worked hard to bring focus(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Budget cuts

by Frank Castiglia, Fulton It’s the second week in the month of December and it’s time to see “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “A Christmas Carol,” “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” And yes, the honorable mayor of Fulton is telling us doom and gloom about the city budget. Every year for at least the past four years, he has(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Who took Christ out of Xmas?

by Al D. Squitieri Sr., Fulton It’s the same story every year. Long before Thanksgiving, we are hit with commercials every few minutes. We watch. We listen. We buy. Surrendering to commercialism. With passiveness and indifference, we allow the true story of Christmas to deteriorate into commercialism. Like Mark Twain’s weather, everyone complains about it, but no(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Changing the culture

by Michael C. Backus, Oswego County Clerk-elect There was little doubt in my mind that come Jan. 1 I would face many challenges as the newly elected Oswego County clerk. Anytime any institution transitions from long-time established leadership to a new administration there will be a lot of discussion regarding the best path forward. I am thankful(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Dollars and sense

by Marilyn Nye, DSS Case Worker (retired) Pennellville I am a retired caseworker and it has come to my attention the commissioner of Oswego County Social Services has been forced to cut programs that will hurt children and their families and will likely put these families in danger. Oswego County is poor and rural, which presents unique problems(…)

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