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Valley Viewpoints

Accountable government

by Sandra J. Blanchard, Hannibal Our legislators, town and village officials all need to be made accountable. This year, we will have a chance for change. Take the next few months before elections to ask questions, attend Hannibal town meetings on the third Wednesdays of the month at 7 p.m. Hannibal Village meetings are on the(…)

Membership campaign

by Michael A Szpak, Executive Director ARC of Oswego County As a private, not-for-profit organization, ARC of Oswego County has been providing programs and services to children and adults with disabilities since 1953. We provide ongoing service coordination for children; parent advocacy/training services; training and consultation to community based daycare and preschool programs, Medicaid Service Coordination, Senior(…)

This is your government

by Cheryl Holmes, Granby Thursday, April 10 at 9 p.m., the taxpayer’s vote for county treasurer was stymied by a Republican legislature that is self-serving and out of touch with the lawful republic that our government was based on — a government for the people, by the people. Incumbent legislators who presently own their own business(…)

Town vehicle clarification

by Jane Crego, Fulton I guess I need to clarify my position on personal use of Granby Town vehicles because some readers didn’t quite understand my issue. First of all, I was not referring to the Granby town employees taking home the big plow trucks to start plowing early before they get to work. I was referring(…)

Bake sale success

by George and Carol Darling, Volunteers Oswego County Humane Society As volunteers for the Oswego County Humane Society, we would like to thank all who made our recent pie sale a great success. We appreciate the Fulton Tractor Supply Store for allowing us to hold out fund-raiser at their location. The management and staff have always been welcoming(…)

A world without the press

by William Fruce, Fulton In everyday life, our press gathers information, conducts interviews, and takes pictures to communicate events happening in our world. What would happen if the newspaper and our news media did not exist or was eliminated? Newspapers, news channels, and the internet help express the events that occur each day. The press covers political(…)

April 22 is Earth Day

by Richard Drosse, Oswego County Environmental Management Council The Oswego County Environmental Management Council is inviting individuals, schools, and groups to participate in Oswego County’s Earth Week, April 19-28. In conjunction with this, the NYS Canal Corporation and Parks & Trails NY have designated April 19, 21, and 22 for Canal Clean Sweep. Any interested groups or(…)

Another side to the story

by Ruth Dattler, Clay There was a Valley Viewpoint regarding drivers taking plows to their residences. Here’s another opinion on this. Plow trucks need drivers as these trucks can’t drive themselves if drivers can’t get to them. Snow squalls off Lake Ontario can drop two inches in one area and maybe two feet a mile away. Road(…)

Stone Soup success

by Lois Luber, United Way of Greater Oswego County I extend a heartfelt thank you to all those who lent their support to the United Way’s fourth annual Stone Soup Too Luncheon graciously hosted by Holy Trinity Parish in Fulton. From the large amount of people who attended, to the many businesses and organizations that helped make(…)

Manors at school functions

by Suezette Dunham, Fulton When you accuse someone of talking, I would suggest for you to have the decency to address the right person. Last night, I was treated very poorly by a man with no manors. He stood up and looked straight at me and said, “Would you please be quite for the rest of the(…)

Stone Soup success

by Lois Luber, Resource Development Director United Way of Greater Oswego County I extend a heartfelt thank you to all those who lent their support to the United Way’s fourth annual Stone Soup Too Luncheon graciously hosted by Holy Trinity Parish in Fulton. From the large amount of people who attended, to the many businesses and organizations that(…)

Doctor’s Day

by Ann C. Gilpin, Oswego Health President and CEO Oswego Health will recognize its dedicated, knowledgeable and caring physicians as our healthcare system celebrates Doctor’s Day March 29. Oswego Health has more than 190 physicians in 35 specialties that provide excellent healthcare throughout Oswego County and beyond. In the last two years, our very successful physician recruitment has(…)

Granby highway vehicles

by Jane Crego, Granby   Granby taxpayers, do you know what your tax dollars are being used for? For instance, did you know that your tax dollars pay for a Granby Highway Department worker (not the superintendent, but an hourly worker) to drive to and from work in a vehicle paid for by you? Did you know(…)

Red Cross Month

by Danielle D Hayden, Branch Manager Oswego Chapter American Red Cross March is Red Cross Month and the American Red Cross recognizes our “Everyday Heroes” who help their community by giving of themselves — the volunteers, blood donors, class takers and financial supporters who help us assist those in need. March is also a great time to become part(…)

Senior swimmer

by Katrina B. Rusaw, Fulton I would like to make a correction to the recent article written in The Valley News in regards to the Fulton senior swimmers. Coach Raina Hinman is quoted throughout the article and gives much praise and accolades to the three senior swimmers, Janelle Tallents, Courtney Beckwith and Steven Hanczyk. I agree with(…)

Fantasy dreams

by Doug Malone, Legislator As one fifth of the county legislature’s Democrat caucus, I can say with certainty that I did not ask for County Clerk Mike Backus to hold an open house or luncheon. I think if Backus thinks members of the Democrat caucus called for him to hold anything, then he’s having more fantasy dreams(…)

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