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Valley Viewpoints

Pringle supports Granby trio

I am writing this in support of the three most important people in the town of Granby. I grew up in Granby and have since moved out of Granby because of the taxes. If Ed Williamson was Town Supervisor back then, we probably would still live in   Granby. Ed has done a great job(…)

Polish Fest committee thanks the public

On Sept. 21, the Fulton Polish Home held its 8th Annual Polish Fest. We would like to thank everyone who attended and helped make this Polish Fest a tremendous (the best one yet) success for us. And, a special thanks to those who helped sponsor or volunteered to work the event. Whether you were preparing(…)

Church thanks people for donations to auction

Dear Editor, Many thanks to the many businesses, merchants and individuals who so generously donated to the recemt Mexico First United Church annual auction.  It was a success and helps the church carry on its mission in the communty and elsewhere.  The church facilities are used by many groups in and around Mexico. Sincerely, Auction(…)

Candidate asks for write-in votes

Due to some unfortunate circumstances that were out of my control, my name, Bradley J Warner will not appear on this year’s ballot for Fulton’s first ward councilor. However, all of my supporters have another avenue to cast their vote for me. With a write in, you can secure your vote and continue support for(…)

City of Fulton seeks support for the arts

To All City of Fulton CNY Arts Center Supporters: Rarely has there been such an opportunity for business, nonprofit, government, arts, and cultural organizations to work together for such far-reaching mutual benefit. Engage CNY, a new initiative administered by CNY Arts is that opportunity. Engage CNY is a key part of CNY Arts’ strategic plan,(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Stop whining about Beardsley candidacy

To Mr. Munger and the few Democratic dissenters of Mr. Beardsley’s appointment and ultimate victory: Fred Beardsley was staunchly opposed by this writer.  I supported a candidate that was from our local Granby Republican Committee.  I wrote letters to the Valley News and spoke for an opposing candidate at many gatherings. Mr. Bearsdley was appointed(…)

Valley Viewpoints

An apology and thank you On Tuesday, Sept. 10, I attended the Fulton City School Board Meeting, in which I spoke in the second public forum session. The topic of discussion was a recent board policy that resulted in two of our administrators to be reassigned. Near the end of my time I made comments(…)

Valley Viewpoints

Softball among healthy options Presently the city of Fulton has a slow pitch softball league for recreation. The fall season runs from mid-August to the end of October. The games are held at Denesha Park. They are men’s, women’s and mixed leagues. Participants range from about 16 years old to players in their 70s. Since(…)

Valley Viewpoints

Consider residents’ well-being: Richard Phillip Kline, Schroeppel As I was baling hay, I received a phone call from a concerned citizen. They were quite surprised at some distorted facts and called because they did not feel it was an accurate assessment of me or my long political career. As I used to tell my children,(…)

Valley Viewpoints

Comments weren’t personal By Sandra J. Blanchard, Hannibal Thank you, Michael Pereira, for your comments on what you called the road to nowhere. I call that a road built illegally on private property owned by past Republican Oswego County Legislator Jack Beckwith and his wife, Faye Scott Beckwith. I feel luckier than you, as I(…)

Valley Viewpoints

New policy was unnecessary I hope the school board is proud of themselves with the new policy they passed. If you guys supposedly value the values and professionalism of your staff, this policy regarding conflicts of interest shouldn’t have been needed. The result is that one of the best principals this district has had —(…)

Civil right or moral wrong

by Samuel A. Vescio of Fulton I have no qualms writing this viewpoint, as I am on God’s side in this matter, something the Supreme Court failed to do. In 1969, homosexuality was illegal in event state in the union, except Illinois, and abortion in all states as well. Boy, have we come a long way.(…)

Surprise! Surprise!

by Frank Castiglia, Fulton I recently read a news story that wasn’t news to me or anyone that has been reading any of the letters I have been writing over the past four years. In the news story, they give a lot of facts and figures saying how things are bad and they aren’t getting any better(…)

Blessing or bill of goods?

by Frank Castiglia, Fulton At a recent Fulton Common Council meeting, a public hearing and vote on changing a certain area of the City of Fulton from M1 to R1A. In that meeting, we were told a story about a couple that came back to Fulton in hopes of fulfilling their American dream of owning their own(…)

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