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Valley Viewpoints

Valley Viewpoints

Who is fooling whom? Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me. We all have heard this saying many times. Well the Oswego County Legislature has fooled the general public for two years now with the county budget. In November at the full Legislation meeting the Legislators voted to save the(…)

Valley Viewpoints

I remember when I was a child, and how the Christmas specials on television clearly reflected the true meaning of the holiday. Linus even quoted scripture in “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” There was no mistaking why we were celebrating this day; it was in remembrance of the arrival of Jesus Christ on earth. The idea(…)

Valley Viewpoints

As volunteers for the Oswego County Humane Society, we would like to thank all who made our recent pie sale a great success. We appreciate the Fulton Tractor Supply store for allowing us to hold our fundraiser at their location. The management and staff have always been welcoming and very supportive of our efforts. Of(…)

Letters to the editor

Man mourns Caravan Allow me to express my condolences to the family of Vince Caravan. He deserves much credit for being a good newspaper man. He always gave the opposition a chance to have their say, even thought i might have been in direct opposition to his point of view. I can say that with(…)

Letters to the editor

Dunsmoor looks forward to term I would like to give a big thank you to the people that took the time to case their vote for me for my second term as town of Volney Highway Superintendent. My first term was a great experience and there is much more to learn. when you have a(…)

LeClair writes to constituents

The election season is over and the holidays are upon us. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to the people of Fulton for their support during the last six years. Serving on the legislature has been a wonderful experience, one that will remain with me always. On Election Night, of course I was disappointed,(…)

Goodbye, Etaoin Shrdlu

I was saddened to hear that Vince Caravan, the alter ego of Etaoin Shrdlu (who wrote an occasional column for the Oswego Valley News when I worked there back in the mid-70s) passed away recently. Etaoin was unfailingly droll, like Vince — who was also an intelligent, generous and supportive mentor to me. Etaoin got(…)

Residents thank sand pit owner

We wanted to write and thank William Simmons for offering his sand to the county for use on the roads in the winter. In July, Kurt Ospelt wrote the Hannibal planning board that the county has “abandoned its plan to open a sand pit on the Beckwith property immediately” after it was found out the(…)

Shop local at holiday time

I like many other grandparents have our grandchildren living with us. I am not seeking response here, just setting the tone for this letter. As such our holidays have been as they were when we were raising our two boys. Full of work, planning, movement of furniture and working on the various lists…be they food(…)

Mahaney thanks voters

I thank everyone for the support you gave me in my re-election journey to keep my superintendent’s position for the Town of Hannibal. Everyone’s help, no matter what is was, was very important to me. I personally had fun with everyone, the phone calls, sign preparation, mailers and strategy meetings, all with great people that(…)

Ryan Barry group says ‘thanks’

It is with a huge smile on our faces that we, the Ryan Barry Benefit Committee, wish to pass along our thanks to everyone who attended or donated to our benefit for the Barry family. Because of your support, Ryan’s family will be able to address the many needs that lie ahead to give Ryan(…)

Reporter discusses job, meeting

I would like to take the opportunity to correct Oswego County Legislator Louella LeClair on a couple issues that she apparently has quite the distorted view of. I was recently contacted by a legislator from another county who had been in attendance at the Sept. 25 New York State Association of Counties afternoon workshop on(…)

Pillow case dress project complete

Thanks to the many hands of church members, friends in the community and strangers who donated time, effort and material, the pillow case dress project has been completed at North Volney Methodist Church. The final total was 110 dresses in various sizes that will go to help those in need. The dresses will be donated(…)

Obamacare increases costs, benefit consultant says

I am writing to clarify some information written in Scott Allardice’s article about the Town of Granby’s employee health benefits plan (Report: Granby, town highway workers, could save with ‘Obamacare.’ Valley News, October 16, 2013). KBM Management recently presented to the Town the renewal of their current health insurance policy for non-union employees, as well(…)

Fulton man supports Crandell, Castiglia

I would like to put forth an endorsement of Tim Crandell for 3rd Ward Councilor. Tim is an active member for the 3rd ward community, he regularly attends the monthly meetings and speaks up with his concerns. I myself do not attend all the meetings, however, I can say that his opponent seems to have(…)

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