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Valley Viewpoints

Valley Viewpoints: Expect more of the same

by Doug Malone, Legislator I guess the news of senator Patty Ritchie’s endorsement of Michael Backus for county clerk means Oswego County residents can expect more of the same controversy and overspending if Backus is elected. Back in August, most of the Republican legislators voted to award a contract for the clerk’s office to IQS, the company(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Shame on DSS

by Rose Anthony of Fulton Again, I say shame on Oswego County. I have been through more than anyone can realize with the DSS department. I wanted to attend a work meeting with legislators and tell them what was happening. I received permission to attend and speak, but up and behold I get a letter from the(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Oswego assessor

by George Clark of Oswego When is the City of Oswego assessor’s position up for re-appointment? The Oswego City Charter, Article XVI, Department of Assessment, section C16-00 (Amended 7-9-2007 by L.L. No. 6-2007) states: “The Mayor of the city shall appoint a single Assessor to a six-year term of office commencing October 1, 1978, as provided(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Nobody home

by Frank Castiglia of Fulton I’m going to give you all the Reader’s Digest version of what happened this past week in my neighborhood. It all started Thursday morning with a call from my neighbor who had just had buried her husband of 61 years the day before. I thought it must be a real emergency(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Caring 12-year-old

by Amy M. Tresidder, Legislator Emily Bradshaw, a 12-year old Oswego city resident, attended the most recent meeting of the Oswego County Legislature. Emily stood in front of the legislature and the many citizens in attendance and with confidence and poise spoke to the plight of the homeless in Oswego. Before the meeting, Emily had contacted every(…)

Valley Viewpoints: The best president?

by Phyllis Langdon of Fulton I don’t know about all of you, but my husband and I still do not know which candidate will make the best U.S. president. Neither candidate will tell us what they are going to do for our country. Instead, they are telling is all the bad decisions and plans the other one(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Stuff-A-Bus support

by William Crist, Superintendent of Schools Oswego City School District Thanks to the tremendous outpouring of support we received from the community and the tireless effort of our many volunteers, the Annual Stuff-A-Bus Campaign, a partnership between Oswego County School Districts and United Way of Greater Oswego County, was a resounding success. The donations of school supplies that(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Running the race

by Wes Belcher of Fulton A few weeks ago, the Fulton YMCA had the Caruana Race. This weekend, the YNCA held another fundraiser race. In both races, members of the Fulton varsity cross country participated. Not because they were made to, they did so on their own. In the Caruana race, our guys did quite(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Clean house

by Steven D. Burdick of Fulton Even after the little girl in Scriba went to Heaven after contracting EEE last year, Phil Church and his legislature gang still told us “sheeple” here there would be no mosquito spraying. Anytime a mosquito lands on a person in Oswego County, that person feels like they’re playing Russian Roulette(…)

Valley Viewpoints: Labor Day

by Tracy Kinne of Parish As Labor Day approaches, I am reminded of the benefits of labor unions and the challenges those unions face today. I’ve never been a union member, but I, like countless other workers in the United States, have benefited from the union movement. When I left my editing position at a newspaper(…)

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