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その中で引越見積もり相場の安い業 引越し見積もり 者の口コミなどをいろいろと調べ、
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The Sportsman’s World: June 9, 2012

by Leon Archer Anyone who has been a Boy Scout is certain to remember the scouts’ motto: “Be Prepared.” I missed being a Cub Scout for some reason that I have never been able to determine, but as soon as I was old enough to become a Boy Scout, I joined up. I became a(…)


F. Irene Blake, born in Fulton

F. Irene Blake, 86, of LeRoy and formerly of Palm Coast, Fla., died Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2012 at the LeRoy Village Green Nursing Facility. Mrs. Blake was born December 19, 1925 in Fulton, a daughter of the late David and Elizabeth (Howard) Griffiths. She had recently relocated to LeRoy from her home of 24 years(…)

Robert LaRose, owned Shorelines

Robert LaRose, 57, died Sept. 14, 2012 at his home in Phoenix. He was born in Lowvilleto Dr. John and Helen LaRose.  He previously co-owned and operated Shorelines, Fulton. Mr. LaRose loved the water and enjoyed hunting and fishing. He was also a NASCAR and professional sports fan. He liked to attend an occasional Buffalo(…)


At The Fencepost: April 4, 2012

by Karen Abbott Help me understand 4G. Not the mechanics of a network, I’m beginning to grasp that after a few run-throughs with techno geeks. Help me understand the “need for speed,” as the commercial says. I had to shake my head at the last commercial I’ve seen about these supposedly-great 4G networks. Two married(…)

Poetry Corner: On Easter Morning

by Jim Farfaglia On Easter Morning She was the wisest of the herd, raising her head first, ears swiveling – certain how quickly this grazing field could become danger. I nod to her, respectfully. She nudges her youngest and I watch her warn those fawning eyes, like only a parent can do, protecting their young.(…)

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