Paul McKinney

A Little Of This And A Little Of That: March 10, 2012

Paul McKinney

by Paul Mckinney

There was an old apple tree that stood in the empty field at the corner of Porter and North Seventh streets. It grew silently there guarding the pathway that led to the abandoned playground at the end of Manhattan Avenue.

Someone told us it was a crab apple tree. It made everyone smile as we said the words: crab apple tree. “How can a tree be “crabby?” we would all laugh.

But the name stuck and the old crab apple tree became a gathering place for us kids when we were going to plan a game or go on a hike together. “We’ll all meet at the crab apple tree, after supper,” someone would shout.

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A remarkable Fultonian: Art Jones

by Peter Hunn

It was likely on some rainy 1960s weekend afternoon when, hearing the pronouncement that I was bored, my mother presented me with a dog-earred copy of Reader’s Digest and then declared, “Somewhere in there, you’ll find a cure to that horrible boredom problem.”

Over-dramatically at first, I perused the publication with all the sarcastic vigor a sixth grader could muster, but soon hit upon a compelling feature called “My Most Memorable Character.”  I’ve no recollection of whom the essay touted, though vividly remember it sending me in search of additional Reader’s Digest editions in order to see how other fascinating folks lived their lives.

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The Sportsman’s World: March 10, 2012

Leon Archer

by Leon Archer

There are many things we look forward to when we are in Florida and one of them is the people who come to visit us.

Most years some of our kids and grandchildren get down during school breaks and we have a number of friends who enjoy sharing our warm weather and outdoor activities for a few days almost every winter.

It has proved to be one of those things we treasure about Florida. I get to show off our fishing, visit some sights, and do some things that I probably wouldn’t do otherwise.

That’s been the case this week as Donna and Jack Kulle from Baldwinsville have been visiting us. As you probably know, Jack and I do quite a bit of hunting and fishing together around home and we continue the fishing saga here in Barefoot Bay.

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St. Baldrick’s Foundation to raise money for research

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a volunteer-driven charity dedicated to raising money for childhood cancer research, will host one of its signature head-shaving events at SUNY Oswego’s Campus Center Food Court Thursday, March 22 at 7 p.m. where more than 75 anticipated “shavees” will shave their heads in solidarity with kids with cancer and raise money for life-saving children’s cancer research.

With only 4 percent of all federal cancer research funding dedicated to pediatric cancer research, St. Baldrick’s Foundation grant funds are critical to continue the battle against this devastating disease.

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Maple syrup producers to host Maple Weekends

Several maple producers will host tours from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, March 17 and 18, and the following weekend, March 24 and 25, for the New York State Maple Producers Weekends.

Red Schoolhouse Maple, 2437 Co. Rte. 4, Palermo, offers visitors the opportunity to see the latest technology in maple sap collection and syrup-making.

There will be an all-you-can-eat pancakes and sausage, along with snowshoeing/walking tours of the sugar bush, sled dog demonstrations, coloring contests, and tours of the maple production process.

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Hodgepodge: March 10, 2012

Roy Hodge

by Roy Hodge

I was wondering recently what I would write my next column about. I was thinking that during 33 years of writing this column I may have covered just about everything.

So I started down the list that my wife made for me when she re-typed every column and put them in order.

I didn’t have to go far before one listed column grabbed my attention. March 4, 1980, I wrote about “Fannies.” I guess I really have covered every subject from the bottom up. I have gotten to the bottom of things, or maybe I have bottomed out.

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New restaurant opens at Oswego County Airport

Operation Oswego County Director L. Michael Treadwell reported to the Oswego County Legislature’s Economic Development and Planning Committee that there is a new restaurant at the Oswego County Airport.

Puddle Jumpers opened Thursday, March 1 at the facility on County Route 176.

“The Oswego County Airport is a vital gateway for Oswego County,” said Legislator Louella LeClair, chairwoman of the Oswego County Legislature’s Economic Development and Planning Committee. “By making the most of this significant asset, we will attract more recreational flight pilots as well as encourage more business travel to our county.”

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Light in the Darkness: March 7, 2012

by Pastor David Grey

“You don’t have enough faith,” Jesus told them. “I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.” — Matthew 17:20

Bishop Primus of The Evangelical Orthodox Catholic Church in America wrote, “One of our biggest problems in our Christian walk and growth and within the Church as a whole, is failing to act like God’s Word is true.” In other words, we do not believe God when He speaks.

Bishop Primus is not accusing us of being unbelievers, nor is he saying that we have no faith. He is simply saying the same thing Jesus told His disciples in Matthew  17: that their faith was too small to accomplish the greater things in the Kingdom. “You don’t have enough faith,”he said. The King James reads, “unbelief,” but this is not meant to be taken as no faith at all.

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