Rural post offices saved from closure

by Carol Thompson

The United States Postal Services has reversed its decision to close many rural postal hubs throughout the country, however, many will see a reduction in hours.

For Oswego County residents, it means more than a dozen post offices will no longer be open eight hours per day.

The post offices slated for reduced hours under the new proposal include Pennellville, Hastings, West Monroe, Altmar, Orwell, Redfield, Richland, Williamstown, Cleveland, Lacona, Lycoming, New Haven and Martville.

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In And Around Hannibal: May 12, 2012

by Rita Hooper

I’m hooked on NPR — National Public Radio. Last week, I was listening to the Diane Rehm Show when she had Eric Rutkow on, talking about his latest book, “American Canopy — Trees, Forests and the Making of a Nation.”

I intend to get a copy for my son for Christmas. The book chronicles the history of American through trees. He spoke about when the settlers first came to America, there was about a billion acres of ancient forests. This has been drastically reduced over the years, first with home building by the settlers.

Wood was a cheap resource and a good building material. Westward expansion, industrialization, continually increasing population and the building of the suburbs have continued to decrease our woodland acreage.

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Leon Archer

The Sportsman’s World: May 12, 2012

Leon Archer

by Leon Archer

Cortland County produced a real eye opener for me during New York State Outdoors Writers Association’s Spring Safari. I had never fished the area before and I was anxious to find out what the areas streams and ponds had to offer.

I fished two streams for trout and both of them were well worth my efforts. The first stream I fished was a small brook,  which emptied into another stream that was a feeder for the east branch of the Tioughnioga River.

The stream was running high with rain water, but was still easy to navigate with only knee boots. It turned out to have a good population of native brook trout.

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GRB Jazz Band to perform at Memorial Day Salute

Fulton’s G. Ray Bodley High School Jazz Band is scheduled to perform at the 31st annual Fulton Memorial Day Salute Friday, May 25 at 5 p.m.

The band is comprised of members of G. Ray Bodley High School and led by Terry Caviness, the high school band director. The group meets every other day during school as an academic class.

The band placed fourth at Musicfest, the Orlando National Band Competition.

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City approves pawn shop law

by Andrew Henderson

Members of the Fulton Common Council adopted a law last week that regulates secondhand dealers, also known as pawn shops.

Mayor Ron Woodward said the legislation was crafted after a number of pawn shops opened in the city.

“Last year, we saw a number of secondhand dealers pop up in Fulton,” he said. “We believe that this has led to an increase in burglaries.”

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Valley Viewpoints: Seeking support

by Rosemary A. Occhino of Fulton

To all Fulton voters, please know that the school budget and elections will take place Tuesday, May 15 at all of our elementary schools from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. This is everyone’s opportunity to exercise their right to vote.

This year there are two open seats on the board of education with three contenders. Being an incumbent, I am asking for your support on election day.

It is my mission to continue in creating a positive difference in the lives of our school children, community, and fellow educators.

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DSS: Proposed bill may threaten safety of children

by Carol Thompson

A proposed bill before the New York State Senate has Oswego County Department of Social Services Commissioner Gregg Heffner concerned that, if passed, children could be placed in unsafe environments.

“It has some danger attached to it,” Heffner said of the bill. S6678-2011. The proposed law has already passed the state assembly.

The amendment to the Family Court law, presented by the office of court administration, would allow a Family Court judge to grant an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal during the fact-finding process, a critical time prior to disposition, Heffner said.

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Roy Hodge

Hodgepodge: May 12, 2012

Roy Hodge

by Roy Hodge

Adventures with Andrew – continued. Our little neighbor, Andrew, loves to come over to talk and “help” when I am in the garage, out in the yard, or in the gardens. He really likes to get in our house, and he knows it inch by inch, from top to bottom.

His special mission seems to be to touch, handle and move every object in every room of the house.

He has a special route which covers just about all of our living space. He knows exactly where he is going as soon as he comes in the back door. From there he works his way up to his ultimate destination which is the room upstairs where I keep my collection of toys.

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