Oswego County jail inmate pilot program to begin soon

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County Sheriff Reuel “Moe” Todd said Wednesday that he expects the county to begin a state pilot program that could ease the maximum capacity issues faced at the Oswego County Public Safety Center.

“It should start within a week or two,” Todd said of the county’s participation in the program.

The state recently began a program called The Orleans Project, which removes “technical violators” of parole from the local jail, placing them in state-run facilities.

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Oswego County: Save energy, money by going green

Oswego County will be holding a public meeting for residents Wednesday to learn about saving energy and money by going “green.”

The public session begins at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 4 in the Oswego County Legislative Chambers, 46 East Bridge Street, Oswego.

“Energy efficiency and conservation in our homes, workplaces and businesses benefits residents as well as our environment,” said Oswego County Legislature Chairman Fred Beardsley.

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Painting project – Student Mariahlee James paints part of a sports-themed mural at the Fulton CYO. The mural is part of a community service project between YAP and Catholic Charities.

Youth Advocate Program: Keeping children and parents together

Painting project – Student Mariahlee James paints part of a sports-themed mural at the Fulton CYO. The mural is part of a community service project between YAP and Catholic Charities.

by Nicole Reitz

The Youth Advocate Program, located at 616 Oneida St., Fulton, is in the business of keeping kids and families together at home.

YAP, an alternative to a placement program, is a contracted service by the Department of Social Services. Families are referred to YAP off the DSS case load and work with a wide range of situations throughout Oswego County.

Most of YAP’s cases are either school-related issues, parenting or the parent-child relationship.

“The county has different things that they can do with kids who are at-risk of residential placement,” said David Canfield, Oswego County director of YAP. “We don’t have the stigma that a lot of times DSS walks in with. DSS recognizes that they don’t have the resources with families that YAP can have. We’re here to work closely with DSS to help them do their jobs better, easier.”

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Annual Cross Walk to be held Friday

A Fulton community Good Friday Cross Walk will be held Friday, April 6 starting at 10:30 a.m. in the parking lot of Holy Trinity Parish, 309 Buffalo St., Fulton.

This annual event is sponsored by the Greater Fulton Area Council of Christian Churches.

Walkers will take turns carrying a large wooden cross in the downtown section of the City of Fulton. A total of ten stations of the cross will be observed.

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New York News: March 31, 2012

by Andrew Henderson

A bill co-sponsored by Senator Patty Ritchie and Senator John DeFrancisco to expand Central New York’s Foreign Trade is aimed at  helping Oswego County compete for new jobs and businesses in the global market.

The bill, S. 6471, which authorizes Onondaga County’s Zone to collaborate with Oswego, Cayuga and Madison counties, received final passage by the Senate earlier this week.

“Imports and exports are a major source of growth and new jobs for businesses across Central New York,” Ritchie said. “Including the Port of Oswego in the Foreign Trade Zone can help businesses looking to grow in Central New York compete for international trade.”

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Roy Hodge

Hodgepodge: March 31, 2012

by Roy Hodge

Last week, while writing about the different kinds of mustard residing in our refrigerator, I thought of something while finishing the column.

I think of my mother as a really smart person in almost every thing she did – but there was one thing. She didn’t like mustard. The particular time I was thinking about happened on one of our trips to Heid’s when I was a kid.

Like the rest of us, my mother loved Heid’s hotdogs but she didn’t like mustard. I was remembering the time when she sent a couple of Heid’s employees on a quick mission looking for a bottle of ketchup. Back then, Heid’s didn’t feature French fries, so there was not a need for ketchup to slather on them, and anything but mustard on a Heid’s hotdog was unheard of.

And, while I was remembering, I thought about the wooden paddles that were used to spread that delicious spicy mustard from the full crocks at Heid’s on to our hotdogs.
Anyone else want to go to Heid’s?

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Lake Neatahwanta

Lake Neatahwanta funding included in state budget

by Andrew Henderson

Lake NeatahwantaThe new state budget will include funding to help with the cleanup of Lake Neatahwanta, according to Senator Patty Ritchie.

In addition, the budget includes funding to battle water chestnuts in the Oswego River.

Ritchie said she secured the funding, which was included in the budget agreement announced Monday.

“Local communities, outdoorsmen and people who enjoy the open waters of Central and Northern New York have been working for years to help improve quality and access to these waters, which are among the most beautiful in the world, and key to the preservation and growth of new jobs through tourism and increased enjoyment by the public,” Ritchie said.

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