Fulton Junior High students excel at academics

Here is a list of students at Fulton Junior High School who made the high honor roll and honor roll for the third marking period:

Seventh grade high honor roll

Alice Allen, Dustyn Arroway, Dani Avery, Collin Baker-LaBreck, Ryan Barry, Rachel Bedford, Selene Belrad, Joseph Benavidez, Haley Bort, Holly Bourgeois, McKenna Bourgeois, Nicholas Brown, Wendy Burch, Haley Calkins, Kaleb Carreon, Nicholas Cary, Kelly Caza, Shaylee Cealie, Caleb Clarke, Liam Clary, Montanah Coe and Kaitlyn Crandall.

Also: Jasmine Criswell, Abigail Cuyler, Aaron Dedich, Andrew Dedich, Anthony DeMasi, Adam Demauro, Dylan Demauro, Cory Dexter, Kathryn Distin, Alexander Dombroski, Jacob Ely, Abigail Everts, Sarah Fisch, Cloe Gagnon, Michael Gilbert, Michaela Grant, Jacob Gugula, Katie Hall, Raiden Hansen, Roy Harvey-Studer, Justin Hatch, Mackenzie Hayden and Emily Hilton.

Also: Zachary Hobby, Jenna Hood, Bailey Hourihan, Leah Hulett, Andrew Hyde, Jadelyn James, Domonique Johnson, Devan Ketcham, Nora Kingsbury, Jacquline Knoblock, Jason Knopp, Nathaniel Lindsey, Corey Maher, Katelin Matthews, Jonathan McCann, Lindsay McCraith, Ryan Michaels, Taylor Miner, Darian Monaghan, Montana Myhill, Nicholas Noel, Jacob Parkhurst and Keara Patterson.

Also: Aidan Percival, Lane Phillips, Kyle Ranieri, Haylee Rivera, Elizabeth Roik, Kelsey Rosenbarker, Killian Rowlee, Elisabeth Russell, Jenna Ruzekowicz, Destiny Schneider, Katelynn Serio, Faith Sharkey, Eric Shear, Sierra Sheldon, Ana Snyder, Morgan Stacey, Camille Stevenson, Ean Stevenson and Quynn Sweeney.

Also: Brendan Todt, Katie Tyrrell, Hayley Vann, Carter Vashaw, Erin Waloven, Conner Ware, Kaylee Waugh, Gage White and Connor Wilde.

Seventh grade honor roll

Joshua Austin, Owen Ayotte, Alex Ball, Misty Bardin, Maddison Baum, Collin Bennett, Michael Boak, Derrick Bort, Caleb Bowen, Bethaney Brummett, Damion Chevier, Rylie Cotton, Felicity Couch, Isaac Crandall, Ryan Denson, Gage Doyle, Olivia Duca, Mardivina Escalante-Rodriguez, Bianca Gaiter and Marguerite Grosvent.

Also: Ryan Gugula, Timothy Hall, Michael Hartmann, Caleb Hogan, Jacob Hughes, Thomas Hughes, Luke Kimball, Evan Kistner, Cassady LaBarge, Kamrin Ledger, Jasmine Lomonaco, Dominique Malcott, Kacey Markarian, Courtney Miner, Charles Mitchell, Katlyn Moon, Emily Munger, Michael Newton and Hailey Nugent.

Also: Taylor Osborn, Kelsey Pickard, Kayla Ryder, Trevor Schleicher, Makaylee Schmeer, Brooke Shuster, Jonathan Simpson, Emily Smith, Emeraldlee Tanner, Steven Thompson, Fisher Whittier, Isaiah Williams and Caitlin Zupancic.

Eighth grade high honor roll

Marissa Allen, Alfred Arduini, Gabriella Bailey, Zachary Barker-McLain, Justin Barney, Addison Billion, Matthew Borrow, Maura Botsford, Zoie Bowering, Gabrielle Boyce, Lillian Bray, Jade Brien, Elizabeth Brown, Hannah Burlingham, Jahnyne Carey, Hailey Carroll, Calinda Ceterski, Mckenna Chesbro and Julia Cieszeski.

Also: Jenna Coakley, Tyler Coant, Sheenvia Conley, Dominic Conn, Cole Cotton, Jordan Coulon, Kaitlyn Dexter, Nicholas Dingman, Paige Drake, Hunter Dudley, Ernest Ferro, Makayla Florczyk, Devon Frank, Jacob Geitner, Michael Gerth, Hannah Gigliotti, Brooke Greenier, Meredith Grimshaw, Julia Guarrera, Megan Guernsey and Brianna Gugula.

Also: Jordan Hagan, Brooke Halstead, Cody Hartle, Kira Hartnett, Cassandra Hartranft, Marissa Hayward, Samantha Heywood, Kayleigh Hotaling, Charles Hyland, Jasmine James, Megan Johnson, Nolan Johnson, Emily Kelly, Mallori Kitts, Jessica Kleiman, Ryan Lalik, Madison Lang, Amber LaRosa, Bradley Martin, Jordyn Mason and Jacob May.

Also: Caitlyn McAfee, Ana Mendez-Rodriguez, Elver Merida, Nicholas Merlino, Annamarie Michels, Tayler Miner, Alyssa Mt. Pleasant, Morgan Murphy, Erin Nicholson, Anthony Noce, Alexus Pagan, Cole Parkhurst, Dustin Parkhurst, Courtney Paro, Olivia Pawlewicz and Zenia Petrie.

Also: Aricka Phelps, Katerina Porcari, Celeste Raponi, Destiny Rose, Mason Rowlee, Eliza Runeare, Kaitlynn Ryan, Anthony Salerno, Robert Salerno, Jeremy Samson, Alexander Semchenko, Jessie Sharkey, Dylan Sheldon, Valentina Shue, Emily Simpson, Cara Smith, Hailey Smith and Tucker Smith.

Also: Shannon St. Andrews, Ariel Stacy, Alexander Stoutenger, Nathan Summerville, Maxwell Sunday, Brian Trombly, Andrew Trumble, Janeda Vasquez, Kenneth Verdoliva, Keegan Wallace, Nicholas Wallace, Jacob Willcox, Madison Wilson and Andrew Woodruff.

Eighth grade honor roll

Olivia Abrams, Julia Allen, Coby Anderson, Alexis Andreotta, Devin Boyce, Logan Brooks, Gillian Brown, Dakota Burgess, Alicia Carroll, Joshua Compson, Dedrah Crowson, Emily Dana, Breanna Debiew, Samantha Diezel, Meghan Foster, Morgan French, Cole Green, Brianna Grinnell, Abigail Gugula and Hunter Hall.

Also: Mitchell Haskins, James Hill, Jonathon Hollenbeck, Nicholas Hughes, Dustin Huller, Randy Huller, Dylan Kress, Savannah LaPage, Angelina Marotta, Christopher Newton, Mariah Nolin, Dakota Ouderkirk, Kiersten Papin, Jonathan Parrish, Harlea Perry and Alexis Phelps.

Also: Ethan Raponi, Michael Ross, Ryan Sheffield, Zion Skipper, Jesse Smithers, Kali Spaulding, Luke Stoutenger, Austin Szymanski, Samantha Tanner, Christopher Tetro, Matthew Trapasso-Fowler, Joshua VanHorn, Gabriel Webb and Karina Whitten.


SUNY Oswego alum to perform April 30 in Sheldon Hall ballroom

Submitted by SUNY Oswego

Metropolitan Opera bass-baritone Philip Cokorinos, a 1979 alumnus of SUNY Oswego, will perform in concert at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, April 30, in the college’s Sheldon Hall ballroom as the season finale of the Ke-Nekt Chamber Music Series.

A member of the Metropolitan Opera roster for more than 27 years, Cokorinos has appeared numerous times in productions of “Tosca,” “Macbeth,” “La Bohème” and many others. His notable roles for the Met have included those of Leporello and Masetto in “Don Giovanni” and the English ambassador in John Corigliano’s “The Ghosts of Versailles.”

SUNY Oswego music faculty member Juan F. La Manna, Cokorinos’ host, will accompany him on the piano and give a preconcert talk scheduled for 7 p.m.

“Philip has traveled the world singing,” La Manna said. “He studied here and went on the big world. He has come back to help Oswego Opera Theatre a number of times. He is a wonderful guy and a star.”

Cokorinos has performed more than 100 leading roles with eminent companies around the globe. Reviewing his performance in the title role of “Don Pasquale,” the Santa Barbara Independent wrote, “Philip Cokorinos was terrific as the production’s lead, handling his many agitated diatribes and inadvertent duets with aplomb.”

This season at the Met, he performed Benoit/Alcindoro in “La Bohème,” Don Maginifico in “La Cenerentola,” as well as covering the roles of Sacristan in “Tosca” and Mathieu in “Andrea Chenier.”

Tickets for the Philip Cokorinos concert are $15 ($7 for students), and are available at all SUNY Oswego box offices, online at tickets.oswego.edu and by calling 315-312-2141. Patrons with disabilities needing assistance should call 312-2141 in advance of the concert.

Parking is included in the price of the ticket and is available in the employee and commuter lots adjacent to and across Washington Boulevard from Sheldon Hall.


Evan Michael Taylor joins the world

Name: Evan Michael Taylor4-19_MILEtaylorbaby

Birthdate: April 8, 2014

Gender: Boy

Mother: Caitlin Cordner

Father: Michael Taylor

Statistics: 8 pounds 4 ounces, 20 inches long

Hometown: Oswego

Born in: Oswego Hospital

Grandparents: (Mom’s side) Stephanie Goutremout and Jeff Aflreds (from Onondaga County) and (Dad’s side) Jonathan and Geneen Taylor of Fulton

Fulton Park of the Day — Saturday, April 19



Twenty stones looking like this one are hidden in Rowlee Beach Park.

Find one and begin your collection of stones from the various parks in Fulton. Each day a different park will be highlighted on this Valley News website — find out what the park of the day is and go there to find a stone.

By April 19, folks should have collected 10 stones —  one from each of the 10 parks. Bring the 10 stones to a ceremony at 4 p.m. April 22 in Recreation Park to win a small prize.

Today is the last day of the contest.

Fulton Park of the Day — Friday, April 18



Twenty stones looking like this one are hidden in Patrick Park.

Find one and begin your collection of stones from the various parks in Fulton. Each day a different park will be highlighted on this Valley News website — find out what the park of the day is and go there to find a stone.

By April 19, folks should have collected 10 stones — one from each park. Bring them to a ceremony at 4 p.m. April 22 in Recreation Park to win a small prize.

Fulton Park of the Day — Thursday, April 17



Twenty stones looking like this one are hidden in Quirk Park.

Find one and begin your collection of stones from the various parks in Fulton. Each day a different park will be highlighted on this Valley News website — find out what the park of the day is and go there to find a stone.

By April 19, folks should have collected 10 stones. Bring them to a ceremony at 4 p.m. April 22 in Recreation Park and people who have collected the most stones (one from each park for a total of 10) will win a small prize.

Oswego Taekwondo America students participate in tournament

Students from the Oswego Taekwondo America martial art school on 133 E. Bridge St., traveled to Monroe Community College in Rochester March 22 to participate in the 19th annual Rochester Super Cup Tournament.

More than 500 students from eight central New York Taekwondo schools, all under Grand Master Kim’s direction, attended the annual event to match their skills against one another in forms competition, sparring, board breaking.

The yearly event is organized by the master instructors of the all three Rochester Sam Kim Martial Arts schools.

Black Belt instructors and students from all the schools contribute and assist while Black Belt judges score the students’ efforts and abilities. Good sportsmanship and friendly competition is the focus of Grand Master Kim’s tournaments and all students, young and older, compete with an emphasis on personal growth and development.

Students of similar age and rank compete against one another, demonstrating theirs skills and abilities at the same time as they develop confidence and pride in themselves.

Competitors, as young as age 4 are matched as closely as possible, according to age, weight and belt rank and all students participating received specially designed medals which had been made and shipped from Korea.

In the morning, participants competed in the new Hamadan Style Creative Poomse Division competition. Students performed a Poomse of their choice in groups of two or more, and scoring was based on synchronicity and creativity.

The standard Poomse Competition followed this new event and students were awarded trophies for their individual accomplishments.

Each students’ execution is judged according to their intensity and accuracy of the standard Taekwondo poomses. The Poomses are a specific series of choreographed blocks, punches, kicks and stances, developed by the Taekwondo Masters of Korea centuries ago.

Poomses have been handed down through the generations and are an integral aspect in the study of any martial art. Poomses are practiced over and over again, reinforcing proper technique, enhancing one’s balance, accentuation and intensity each time they are preformed. Poomses are the foundation of any martial art.

Immediately following the Poomse competition, competitors were able to compete in Board Breaking Competition. Taekwondo means “the art of hand and foot,” and in this event performers are able to show off their power, skill and creativity in still another dimension.

Each competitor broke, or attempted to break, two boards. Creativity, intensity and level of difficulty were considered by the judges as well as technique and power. All students participating received trophies for their achievements

This year’s event featured a new event, Demo Team Competition. Three schools from Rochester participated in this event and inspired viewers and visiting participants and each school has been challenged to enter their own Demo Teams in the next tournament.

Taekwondo America in Oswego already plans to enter a Taekwondo America Demo Team for the Watertown Tournament held in August and this year’s Governor’s Cup, held in October in Rochester.

Sparring competition completed the all day event. Sparring, or “Gyoroogi” matches are single elimination fights between two competitors wearing protective sparring gear. A match consists of at least two one-minute rounds, where points are accumulated when a competitor makes proper contact with their opponent with a properly executed punch or kick, in a specifically designated area on their helmet or chest protector (Hogu).

The culminating sparring performances of the advanced Adult Black Belts topped off the day’s activities.

For more information call Oswego Taekwondo America, call Master Leo Pryor at 342 2470 or visit the website at masterpryorstkda.com

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