Hannibal school budget vote May 20

By Debra J. Groom

Residents of the Hannibal school district will go the polls May 20 to vote on a $30,092,500 budget for the 2014-15 school year.

This proposed budget is up 4.4 percent ($1,268,300)  from the current year’s spending plan of $28,824,200.

The amount to be raised by taxes — the tax levy — is up 0.75 of a percent or $48,623. Nearly 80 percent of the total budget is state aid. Continue reading

In and Around Hannibal

By Rita Hooper 

Is this the longest “getting to spring” in history?

I’m forcing myself to put my winter coat away, but I’m wearing several sweaters when I go out. I think we are all past waiting for some warmer weather.

I see we are having a day to get rid of up to eight tires for free at the local transfer stations. The dates are May 17 and June 14 (Flag Day!) from 8 a.m. to noon.

I’m reminded of the olden days when old tires were filled with dirt and used for planters. I had a friend visiting me from college when we decided to do some tire planters for my neighbor, Stella Livingston.

Stella was one of those town characters. She never wore a coat that I can remember.  She’d stand in the Post Office if it got really cold.

Everyone knew Stella, I suspect she had cleaned house or babysat for many of Hannibal’s families at one time. Continue reading

Valley Viewpoints: Honor nursing home residents

To the Editor:

National Nursing Home Week, which begins on Mother’s Day May 11 and runs through May 17, honors the residents and patients currently in skilled nursing and rehabilitation care centers across the nation with special activities and events.

Sponsored each year since 1967 by the American Health Care Association, this year’s Nationa Nursing Home Week’s theme is “Living the Aloha Spirit.

In Hawaii, by “Living the Aloha Spirit,” a person shows love and respect to others and joyfully shares life to create a better world. Care centers strive daily to attain this ideal for all individuals in their care by focusing on person-centered care and continuous improvement.

This special week is also about people giving care. Caregivers often form meaningful, enduring relationships with residents and families that are beneficial to everyone – to the resident and to the caregivers who often consider each other “family.”

These workers help residents overcome the daily struggles associated with age, rehabilitation and disability.

 Nursing Home Week can be a time to reflect on the many challenges that society faces to ensure elderly parents and others are able to access the quality services they need in a skilled nursing care center.

Some of the national issues that one day may impede such access include: federal reductions in Medicare payments; limitations on therapy services, such as physical therapy; and government Medicaid payments that are on average $24.26 below the cost of providing care.

Most importantly for the week of May 11–17, National Nursing Home Wee is a great time to visit a loved one, friend, acquaintance or veteran. Take some time with the family to reach out and let a care center resident or patient know that you are thinking about them by visiting.

If you can’t do that, then make a phone call, send a card, flowers, or even an email. This special attention will surely help someone catch that “Aloha Spirit.”

Richard J. Herrick
President and CEO
New York State Health Facilities Association

Valley Viewpoints: Step up for youth soccer

To the Editor:

Fulton Youth Soccer has started its 36 consecutive year of play.

We had some sour weather early on, but we pushed through and are off to a great start. This year we had a situation arise that we have never encountered before and I want to explain the reason for that.

Starting last year we put a cap on the number of players each team can have.  We set that number at twice the number of players on the field, plus a goalie.

Continue reading

Valley Viewpoints: Pierce questions library vote

To the Editor:

The May 20 school budget vote will include a proposition regarding the Fulton Public Library.

With this proposition, the library trustees are asking to change the library to a “School District Public Library.” They are also asking voters to approve an annual budget of $350,000 a year for five years, which totals $1.75 million.

This proposition can be very misleading if not read completely before voting on it. Continue reading

Hodgepodge: Congratulations, Camden Hodge!

A Little Hodgepodge

As a testimony to how swiftly time escapes us, the following was part of this column on October 18, 1992:

There’s a new little Hodgepodge in our lives these days. Courtney is a proud big sister. The new little brother arrived almost on schedule last month in Roanoke, Va.

His name is Camden Stephen Hodge, our first grandson. Camden weighed in at 9 pounds, 11 ounces.

A hefty, healthy kid, he was able to play two quarters with the local football team the next day. (Just kidding, it was really only a couple of plays.) Continue reading

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