Need help with house repairs? Let Oswego County know

Submitted by Oswego County

The Oswego Housing Development Council, located in Parish, and the County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning are looking for input from Oswego County residents who need assistance with housing repairs, septic system repairs, and other housing-related issues.

Input from local residents is needed in order to document the need for grant funds for Oswego County residents. Continue reading

Williamstown woman must make restitution in welfare fraud case

Kelly M. Hartz, 47,  of Williamstown,  was sentenced Wednesday in Oswego County Court to five years probation upon her conviction for offering a false instrument for filing, first degree, a felony.

At a prior court appearance April 2, Hartz admitted she provided a written instrument that contained a false statement or false information to the Oswego County Department of Social Services for the purpose of defrauding DSS.

Hartz was arrested by the Oswego County Sheriff’s Department on April 29, 2013, as a result of an investigation by the fraud unit within Oswego County DSS. Deputies charged her with grand larceny third degree,  welfare fraud third degree and offering a false instrument for filing first degree, all felonies.

Investigators alleged she failed to disclose information and thereby wrongfully obtained $9,597.18 in Medicaid benefits that she was not entitled to receive.

As part of her sentence, the Judge James Metcalf, Acting Oswego County Court Judge, ordered Hartz to pay $9,597.18 in restitution to Oswego County DSS during the next five years. If Hartz fails to pay back the restitution, or if she violates any other terms of probation, she faces up to 1-1/3 to 4 years in state prison.

District Attorney Gregory Oakes stated, “Over the past two years, my office has worked with DSS and the Sheriff’s Department to crack down on welfare fraud. Those who abuse and cheat the system need to be held accountable. Welfare fraud is theft, plain and simple, and my office will continue to prosecute those who steal from taxpayers.”

To report a suspected case of welfare or housing assistance fraud, contact the Oswego County Department of Social Services at 315-963-5281.


Porky and Buddy: Keeping dogs safe from Lyme disease

Dear Porky and Buddy,

A couple of weeks ago you wrote about removing ticks and mentioned that, among other things, the little buggers can transmit Lyme disease.  


I have enough things to worry about, without that added to my list. My dog, Bubba, has had ticks. Not a lot, but some.  

Is it possible that he has the disease?  How would I tell? How can I prevent him from getting it in the future, short of putting  him in a plastic bubble?


Continue reading

Hannibal board member honored by CNYSBA


Armed with years of experience and knowledge in the educational system, Hannibal Central School District Board of Education member Dale Young will be honored for his service during an upcoming regional meeting.

Young, who has held a school board seat for nearly a decade, has been declared a board member of achievement by the Central New York School Boards Association.  Continue reading

Showcase of art fills the halls at Maroun Elementary

kindergartner Sara Speich used construction paper and crayon to create a scene that featured a castle and hot air balloon. An image of Speich sits in the balloon’s basket.
kindergartner Sara Speich used construction paper and crayon to create a scene that featured a castle and hot air balloon. An image of Speich sits in the balloon’s basket.

The halls of Michael A. Maroun Elementary School in Phoenix look like murals as student artwork was displayed during Friday’s Art Show. 

The show featured art by kindergartners through fourth-graders.

Students took their families and friends through a self-guided tour of the school.  Continue reading

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