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In and Around Hannibal: May 4, 2013

Rita Hooper  706-3564 It never ceases to amaze me what people keep — things that probably have no monetary value but connect you with someone or something that you’re not ready to let go of and may never be. A friend of mine was eager to show me an English textbook that had been(…)

In and Around Hannibal: April 27, 2013

by Rita Hooper  706-3564 This is a column for women so men — feel free to skip to the second half of the column. Now that I’ve got your attention guys…the principle applies equally to men as women! Posture is a term I have not heard much about in the past 40 years or(…)

In And Around Hannibal: April 13, 2013

by Rita Hooper  In June, I will be representing Presbyterian Women of the Synod of the Northeast on a mission trip to Eastern Tennessee and Western North Carolina, a section of the country commonly referred to as Appalachia. There will be about 25 women from all over the country taking part in this trip. We(…)

In and Around Hannibal: April 6, 2013

by Rita Hooper  Sorry folks – it’s just the news this week. It’s been one of those weeks where you’re behind on Monday and it just gets worse from there. Hope those of you who had the week off, had a good one. Those of us who were home while you were gone enjoyed the(…)

Hannibal school board continues budget work

by Terri DiGregorio  The Hannibal Board of Education held its third budget workshop Monday night. School board members discussed administrative costs, debt service and benefits for employees. “The budget is a work in progress,” said Superintendent of Schools Donna Fountain. “We still don’t have all the numbers from the state, so that makes it difficult.”(…)

In and Around Hannibal: March 23, 2013

by Rita Hooper Do you remember the old adage: you don’t know what you have until you loose it? A good number of my Hannibal friends can relate to that expression regarding water. It is nice that now a large part of Hannibal has clean, drinkable water. That’s not the case in a large(…)

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