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Sky Magic

by Jim Farfaglia   It’s still a miracle to look up and see a flock of birds dancing their traveling dance: thirty or more darting and swooping, as if they were one – as if we were all one.   It’s still a miracle to look up and feel the cold January air swooping in(…)

New assistant principal

by Kate Rothrock The first week back after the long vacation is over. Even though it was only three days it seemed too long! Seniors don’t forget to get in your local scholarships! Yesterday was the ski club’s first trip to Labrador Mountain! The ski club travels every Tuesday after school and doesn’t get back(…)

Welcome back

by Kate Rothrock Welcome back to school! I hope everyone had a long, relaxing and enjoyable vacation. I know I did! While most of us were home relaxing over break, the sports teams were hard at work playing games and practicing almost every day. Good luck to all of these teams! All of these athletes(…)

Neighbors recyclables

by Roy Hodge Walking around my neighborhood, I glance at the stuff in my neighbors’ recycling bins. If I am observant (a polite word for nosey) I can put little pieces of their lives together. For instance, looking at the empty cartons in the recycling bins, I knew that one of my neighbors received a(…)

On Either Side

by Jim Farfaglia   Yesterday, in the middle of the lake, they bobbed over gentle ripples, riding atop reflections on the last day of the year.   Everybody was honking at once, gossiping about the year’s triumphs, of love gone north or south, of those who took their final flight…   Today, as dawn breaks,(…)

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