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New semester

New semester

by Kate Rothrock This week brings the start of a new semester! The new semester may bring new classes to some students and a fresh start for grades. The field trip to the Melting Pot was a success! Students from the French, German and Spanish classes had a great time last Friday eating at the(…)

Remembering Card Games

by Jim Farfaglia Remembering Card Games   They brightened many a boring evening: someone would pull out a deck, explain the rules and, after a few hands, friendships would be melded.   A good shuffler made a big impression: the most talented ones were also the most envied – they could make a deck just(…)

Heavy snowfall is old hat for Fulton

by Roy Hodge It was “déja vu all over again” for me one day this week when I left Syracuse for an appointment in Fulton. Here, most of the snow we had received had disappeared during the past few days. Going along with my wife’s estimation, there was “maybe an inch or two of snow(…)

Fishing with dad

by Leon Archer My father used to take me fishing often when I was a kid, and I have tons of memories from those days, and I learned an awful lot from him by listening and watching. I am a visual, hands-on learner. If someone shows me how to do something, I am much more(…)


 by Jim Farfaglia  Light-Hearted   For now, sweet cardinal, so red and sprightly, you will be my light.   These days the world is heavy, drowsy from the darkness and frozen in winter’s clutch.   But each morning, you come to perch on my evergreen, awaiting your turn at the feeder.   Oh, how your(…)

CNY weather

by Roy Hodge Here I am, thinking and wondering what I could write my next column about. I am also thinking, “It is closing in on the middle of January and it’s raining out.” I am also thinking, “It’s not supposed to rain in January; in January, it’s supposed to snow.” It really was raining(…)

Column writing

by Jerry Kasperek My column comes out and the comments follow suit, so I share with you a couple of fact-checks from my last article about the old First Methodist Church: It was located on the corner of Oneida and North ThirdsStreets and not North Fourth as I had written, and the auditorium at the(…)

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