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その中で引越見積もり相場の安い業 引越し見積もり 者の口コミなどをいろいろと調べ、
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A Technicolor Memory

by Jim Farfaglia A Technicolor Memory   Nowadays you’ll find it on a tiny disc and you can play it anywhere, anytime. Back then, though, you planned ahead so as not to miss its once-a-year TV spectacular…   We’d gather at our cousins’ house, our aunt popping us a bowlful, our tiny hands grabbing fistfuls,(…)

Neighbors from long ago

by Roy Hodge I sometimes think I have a good idea for a column and start writing. Some of those times I am typing away and suddenly think, “Wait a minute, this sounds very familiar.” The reason for that thinking, of course, is that I came up with the same idea and wrote basically the(…)

Spring sports

by Kate Rothrock Where is spring? Spring sports are in desperate need of some warm weather! This week is the debut for many if all goes well with the weather. Today, the junior varsity and varsity boys lacrosse teams will scrimmage Auburn on their own turf starting at 5. The girls JV and varsity lacrosse(…)

March madness

by Andrew Henderson The madness is upon us…and I am going mad. I’m in the process of filling out my NCAA bracket and I am going crazy. In my recollection, there has never been a year where there has been no clear-cut winner. Who do I choose? Syracuse? Yeah, right… How about Indiana? Kansas? How(…)

Ode to the Crocuses

by Jim Farfaglia Ode to the Crocuses   You are such a welcome sight, showing up alongside my house like a table set for spring.   You’re first to welcome a brighter sky, raising your goblets in celebration of an end…and a beginning,   the first to welcome the warm rains that you and the(…)

Weekly newspaper schedule

by Roy Hodge Last week’s “Wash on Monday” column reminded me that the weekly newspaper business always observed its own calendar, which depended on the day the paper was published. When I first joined the staff of The Fulton Patriot, a once-a-week newspaper, the traditional day of delivery was Thursday, just before the busy weekend(…)

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