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その中で引越見積もり相場の安い業 引越し見積もり 者の口コミなどをいろいろと調べ、
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Departing Florida

by Leon Archer This past week has been a busy one for Sweet Thing and me as we prepared for our departure from the sunny south. It is always a sort of bittersweet time for us, for as we look forward to seeing family and old friends, we are at the same time saying goodbye(…)

SU games

by Roy Hodge Last weekend, when the Final Four frenzy surrounded us from all sides, I had difficulty keeping my mind under control when it wanted to drift back and forth to some of my memories of SU and Syracuse Nats basketball games. Although I was an avid Syracuse Nationals fan in the 1950s and(…)

Charley the Barber

by Jerry Kasperek Thanks for your phone calls and e-mails. I now know that the GLF stands for the Grange League Federation — a farmer-owned cooperative where you could buy feed and seed and other kinds of farming supplies. But, I’m going to put the story of the GLF aside for another time and write(…)

50 days left of school

by Kate Rothrock I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing spring break! It seems like the weather is finally on track to spring! Spring break marked the last long vacation and we are now in the final stretch. There are around 50 days left of school this year. Summer will be here before we(…)


  by Jim Farfaglia   Finally   We’re all out today!   From the sky: the excitable chickadee, Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal, the finches, in their deepening color, a gang of bellyaching crows, and, echoing from a deep forest, the ever-probing woodpecker.   From the earth: the eager daffodil, the dressed-for-a-party tulip, Miss Daisy, still concealing(…)

Legal fish

by Leon Archer One of the frustrating things for visiting winter fishermen who like to fish on party boats here in Florida is the fact that most of what they catch they can’t keep. I like fishing occasionally on a party boat, but I also like to have at least an outside chance of catching(…)

Fulton Patriot history

by Roy Hodge I am enjoying the stack of 1901 Fulton Patriots that I have been looking through since Christmas time. Up to now, I had come across only one or two pages of the very old Patriots at a time – the oldest just a few years after the first issues of the paper(…)

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