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Valley Viewpoints: Rome (Fulton) burns

by Wesley Belcher of Fulton

The City of Fulton and the so called movers and shakers are fiddling while Rome burns, so to speak.

If you visit any number of like-size cities in and around the upstate area, you’ll find boutiques, outdoor dining, small festivals and, more or less, well maintained businesses and homes.

On the other hand, here we have head shops, pawn shops, gold traders, and motorcycle gang parties (please spare me the rhetoric about these folks being regular folks out for a Sunday ride, it isn’t so.)

We have a disproportionate amount of welfare recipients and run-down properties as well as a homeless shelter. We display empty run down store fronts. The roads are atrocious in their condition. The drug problems are running rampant.

Yet we seem to do nothing. The folks who are bearing the burden of retirements for our public officials and the costs of running the city are selling their homes and getting out of Dodge. black magic

You can drive through the Third Ward; the “For Sale” signs are popping up like dandelions after a good rain. In deed, the news reported sometime ago that we enjoy the highest rate of taxes in the State of New York.

Problems that have been long promised to be addressed, for instance the river weed problem, have gone on the back burner now that elections of last year are over.

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