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Fulton Ultimate Frisbee season begins

sb10061547dh-001by Rob Tetro

Fulton’s Ultimate Frisbee season will begin May 12, according to organizer Rob Wimler.

For those who are not familiar with Ultimate Frisbee,Wimler described Ultimate Frisbee as a great sport that doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

The game is a combination of football and soccer but without the contact associated with both sports. However, instead of using a football or a soccer ball, the game is played with a frisbee.

Ultimate Frisbee meets are played on fields that are organized similar to how a football field is organized.

One team has possession of the frisbee and has to pass it back and forth until someone is able to catch it in the endzone. But like football, if the frisbee is fumbled or intercepted, the team that forces the turnover will then have possession of the disc.

He pointed out that with spots on the field for deep receivers, cutters or players that stay back to handle the frisbee, there is a space on the field for everyone.

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