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Valley Viewpoints: Valuable lesson

by James Bush of Fulton

Here’s a question you won’t see on any tests at school. What do you get when you add caring teachers plus loving kids plus an American hero? You get what I witnessed at Volney School this past Monday, April 23.

At a school assembly, we were honored by the presence of U.S. Navy Petty Officer Eric Lockwood. Eric is an 11 year serviceman who has been deployed around the world defending this country. In addition, Eric has been involved in many acts of humanitarian aid around the globe.

You may be wondering why Eric was at Volney school? Was he there to be honored with some awards? Was he there to tell the kids about his career or talk about his accomplishments? Come to find out, Eric was there to thank the kids. But for what?

You see, Eric has a history at Volney school. When Eric was in fifth grade at Volney, his teacher was Mrs. DeLisle. Mrs. DeLisle is currently a second grade teacher and knowing that Petty Officer Lockwood was serving in Afghanistan, she decided to involve the entire school in writing letters to Eric.

Twice during the year, the kids sent letters and cards to thank and support Eric and his fellow servicemen. Well, those letters and cards must have had some impact.

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