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Valley Viewpoints: Granby GOP

by Les Holmes, Granby GOP Committee Chairman

Ray Sullivan, the current Granby highway superintendent, won the last election. He was supported by Granby Supervisor Ed Williamson and town councilors Matt Callen, Lori Blackburn, Susan Richardson and Joe Cortinini.

Mr. Sullivan was also supported by a coalition of Democrats and Republicans from Granby’s South end led by Republican Les Johnson. Democrats Mike French, Fred Martin, Sharon Martin, Frank Fox and Rose Anthony and again Mr. Ed Williamson.

Martin and Williamson attested to Ray Sullivan’s credentials and Martin vetted and heavily endorsed Sullivan, which was published in The Valley News Aug. 31, 2011.

Les Johnson, who was proud to have served on the highway department, heavily endorsed Ray Sullivan and praised Rose Anthony (Valley News October 26, 2011).

Rose Anthony also supported Ray Sullivan for highway department superintendent and sported his campaign posters at her place of business.

This is an adverse group each with a political following that added up, can and did sway the Granby Republican Committee’s candidates in the last election!

To Rose Anthony: Why would one expect anything but nepotism when Sullivan was already a part-time employee of the Highway Department and the third potential highway department candidate that the above people approached and finally convinced to run for the office? The first two potential candidates declined.

The highway department looked hard for a candidate to recruit from within. The blue code of ethics rule, which exists in the Town of Granby Highway Department, extends to the employees families and friends.

Most employees’ attention is not on serving their town. It is focused on their bi-weekly pay, vacation, sick days and retirement. Just look at the snowplowing problems last winter, Also, was the roof on the highway department broken by snow or from a truck box raised from within the vehicle bay?

Lynn Moyer, the past highway superintendent, was in office for 16 years. He was an employee for Granby highway for 38 years.   Most town highway employees are friends or relatives of Moyers.  This organization has political roots.

An entity cannot expect to advance the sect of the species if the seed inside the sect is continually intertwined and there are no fresh ideas injected into the group. Stagnation and degeneration results within that sect and the strain weakens.

Labor is much the same. Without the threat of consequences, discipline in families is tough to administer, labor grows stagnant, lazy and irresponsible, hence, Rose Anthony’s letter in The Valley News.

I believe the above named people all have agendas. None of these people are on the Republican committee. For this reason and because of these kind of people, the town Republican committee exists and flourishes.

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