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Backstreet Books to host book signing with author Tom Rivers

Ever wonder how your food gets from the field to your plate?

For Tom Rivers, a reporter for The Daily News in Batavia who covers agriculture and community issues, that question inspired him to find the answer first hand and led him on a journey that took him into those fields.

To discover just how food does get from field to table, Rivers took a leave of absence from his job to join the field hands across New York State.

For one year, he worked the many aspects of agriculture, from the backbreaking work of picking cucumbers, to dairy farms.

As he worked side by side with the farm workers, Rivers developed a new perspective on the physical demands of farm work and a renewed respect for the men and women who work these jobs for days, weeks and years to bring food to our table.

Despite the physical demands of the job, Rivers noted the pride and resilience of the workers as they go about their daily work.

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