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Employee questions rumors of transfer station closure

by Carol Thompson

Tom Muroski, an employee of Oswego County, asked the Oswego County Legislature if rumors about the possible closure of the county’s transfer stations are true.

During the conclusion of Thursday’s meeting, Muroski spoke during the public comment session. At first, he was satisfied with the answer given by Legislature Chairman Kevin Gardner, but given a few seconds of thought, he returned to speaking.

“The rumors are again that the committee is trying to close the transfer stations at the Solid Waste department,” he said. “Can anyone in this room tell me if it’s true or remotely heading in that direction.”

Gardner said there had been no public discussion.

“So that rumor is put to rest,” Muroski asked.

“Put to rest,” Gardner responded, but then added that there had been a lot of discussion but none that was official.

“Alright, I know exactly what you’re saying,” Muroski said.

“As we all know, the solid waste department is not to make a profit,” Muroski said, adding that it is for the convenience of the public. “If you want to save money, there are other ways to do it.”

Muroski questioned the legislature as to why it spends the kind of money it does to bring in attorneys to negotiate the contracts for employees when the county has department heads, a personnel department and a county attorney to handle the negotiations.

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