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Committee chair discusses vote on clerk contract

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County Legislator Terry Wilbur, who serves as the chairman of the Community and Consumer Affairs Committee, said Thursday that he didn’t feel legislators had enough time to review the proposals for a data imaging contract to service the office of the County Clerk.

County Administrator Phil Church handed out the proposals during Wednesday’s meeting. The legislators were first given “blind” copies with the names of the bidding companies substituted with letters.

A discussion ensued in regard to the proposals and prior to voting, Legislator Jake Mulcahey asked for a 15-minute recess so that those who needed to make a decision could review the 23-page document Church had given to them.

Following the recess, Church provided a key to the letter coding, naming each of the vendors.

It was decided by a majority of the committee to take the recommendation of County Clerk George Williams, who recommended Info Quick Solutions, Inc. of Liverpool.

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Presidential Primary brings out few Republican voters in Oswego County

by Carol Thompson

If interest in the Republican Presidential Primary race is reflected by the number of voters who turn out at the polls Tuesday, it would be a fair statement to say there was little interest.

Only five percent of registered Republicans, or 1,659 voters, cast a ballot in the primary race.

That’s according to Legislator Terry Wilbur, who serves as chairman of the Community and Consumer Affairs Committee. He presented the statistics during Wednesday’s meeting.

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County data imaging contract proposals to be reviewed soon

by Carol Thompson

Without a contract for nearly a year and a half, the review process for selecting a vendor to provide data imaging services for the Oswego County clerk’s office is expected to be underway in the near future.

A committee will be selected soon, Legislator Terry Wilbur told members of the legislature’s Community and Consumer Affairs Committee when they met Wednesday.

An update on the progress of the request for proposals was on the agenda, however, due to the absence of County Administrator Phil Church, Wilbur said he had only a brief update.

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