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Valley Viewpoints: ‘Break up the monopoly’

by Len Spano of Phoenix

Have you heard the saying, “Where’s the Beef?” Well, Patty Ritchie, where’s our STAR Rebate checks? Did the local neighbors get theirs? I did not get mine.

As part of her campaign, Ritchie promised to reinstate our STAR rebate checks. That was a big part of her campaign attacking former Sen. Darrel Aubertine. But as a local property owner, I did not receive a STAR Rebate check.

Your local GOP legislators gave out the bid to the highest bidder for work the Oswego County clerk’s office had been doing and should be doing. Now these people who work for Oswego County, entrenched in their union, still get paid and will have more time to campaign for the politicians who guarantee their jobs.

The biggest employer in Oswego County is Oswego County. They should not be hiring any firm outside the area to do their work. The best-qualified workers to do county work are the Oswego County employees who are already on our payroll. It adds up to hundreds of thousands of dollars going out of our area. Thank your Republican legislators for that.

I’m a senior citizen on a fixed income and would like to see our county employees work for their money.

Oswego County sales-tax income is rising along with the price of gas. They have almost doubled the sales-tax income. What used to be about $.08 Oswego County sales tax per gallon is now about $0.16 a gallon. It adds up to extra millions of dollars.

The workingman can barely afford to buy shoes while the Republicans are living high on the hog. They are milking every square inch of our county land for more property taxes. Oswego County should be giving us a break.

Break up the monopoly. Show the Oswego County politicians we can change for the better. Stop being the “sheeple.”

“We the People” will take the county back. The government is supposed to be a watchdog to be fed, not a cash cow to be milked.