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Legislators approve electronic monitoring of offenders

electronic monitoringby Carol Thompson

The Oswego County Legislature voted Thursday to allow the Probation Department to use a GPS tracking system and electronic bracelets to monitor criminals who are awaiting court action.

The system is expected to help alleviate jail overcrowding by providing around-the-clock tracking of offenders in their homes.

A contract with Sentinel Offender Services would cost the county an estimated $4 to $9 a day per offender. The probation department would initially lease 10 units and expand capacity as the need arises. The program would be funded through bail fees and existing alternatives to incarceration funds.

Oswego County Probation Director Deborah Meyer worked with Sheriff Reuel “Moe” Todd to seek alternatives to incarceration. Legislator Jake Mulcahey commended them for the work they did to provide a solution to the jail overcrowding.

The cost of boarding prisoners in facilities outside Oswego County has exceeded $1 million since the beginning of 2012.

A number of officers within the sheriff’s department have begun training and testing the equipment.

In a related matter, the legislature approved the purchase of nine cars for the sheriff’s department, reduced from a request for 12 at a cost of $234,000.

Legislator Doug Malone said he had a problem with the purchase of the cars because the legislature approved new cars for the sheriff earlier this year.

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Legislators to take up full agenda tomorrow

by Carol Thompson

When the Oswego County Legislature meets tomorrow, a number of items will be on the floor for consideration.

Sheriff Reuel “Moe” Todd has requested a budget transfer of $234,000 to replace 12 Crown Victoria patrol cars at a total cost of approximately $312,000.

Todd said the request is made due to excessive mileage as well as wear and tear. The funds would cover the cost of nine marked cars and three unmarked vehicles.

Solid Waste Director Frank Visser has requested a budget transfer of $35,000 for repairs at the Energy Recovery Facility. A section of the concrete tipping floor has begun to deteriorate. Two man-doors are also in need of replacement.

The legislature will also consider awarding a contract to Eastern Shore Associates to be the insurance broker of record services.

The county solicited request for proposals and received two responses. Following a review of the firms, Eastern Shore Associates was recommended.

A resolution to schedule a public hearing on the tentative 2013 budget for Dec. 13 at 7 p.m. will be considered. The legislature traditionally meets in the afternoon and adjourns for the evening public hearing to allow more residents to attend.

The legislature will also consider a public hearing in regard to waiving the property tax cap for the fiscal year 2013. The measure is being taken as a precaution. If approved, a public hearing will be held Dec. 13 at 2 p.m.

Legislators will vote to pay the cost of this summer’s mosquito spraying. The total bill is  $52,132, with one-half the cost expected to be reimbursed by the state.

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Committee cuts sheriff’s cars, Air One

by Carol Thompson

The Oswego County Legislature’s Public Safety and Emergency Services Committee voted Tuesday to eliminate three cars from the sheriff’s office, which is not expected to alleviate the tax burden.

Sheriff Reuel “Moe” Todd said he will lose three cars, although none will come out of his budget.

Legislature committees have been meeting this week to work on department budgets. The goal is to cut $3 million from the 2013 spending plan to avoid a property tax increase. A one million dollar cut is needed to remain within the state mandated two percent property tax cap.

“What I worry about is my people being hurt,” Todd said. “It won’t make a difference in the budget.”

That’s because Todd’s car purchases are paid from a capital reserve fund that is dedicated to automobile and equipment purchases, he said.

The sheriff currently has a 65 vehicle fleet, which includes transport vans. A couple deputies share a car, Todd noted, adding that the sharing doubles the miles that are put on a vehicle.

He added that he is concerned that his deputies will be driving cars with over 100,000 miles in the winter and at midnight, when safety is a greater concern.

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County sheriff will need to keep asking for more jail funding

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County Sheriff Reuel “Moe” Todd did not receive approval for the full amount of funds requested to address the costs of jail overcrowding.

During a recent meeting, the legislature considered a resolution to transfer $900,000 from the appropriated fund balance to cover the cost of housing inmates in other county facilities.

Legislator Dan LeClair made a motion to amend the resolution to reduce the amount to $400,000.

“The reason is I believe there are other alternatives and we need to investigate those alternatives,” he said.

Minority Leader Mike Kunzwiler said the legislature is aware of the cost of housing the inmates in other facilities and added that the reduction may make state lawmakers more aware of the growing problem.

Legislator Shawn Doyle said he would echo what LeClair and Kunzwiler stated. He added that the sheriff is doing a very good job in attempting to find alternate means.

“We need to support our sheriff but doing this keeps it public,” Doyle said.

Legislator Art Ospelt noted that by making the budget transfer requests more frequent, there is more publicity shone on the jail overcrowding problem. “We get more bang for our buck,” he said.

Majority Leader Jack Proud said the implications are that the money requested is for current expenses and agreed that by trickling the money, it give more attention to the problem.

“We have state closing prisons and many of their parole violators are returned to the county,” he said. “This problem is not going to go away. This problem is only going to grow and grow. We need help from New York state.”

He added that state lawmakers need to take a serious look at the problem.

Legislator Doug Malone said the sheriff needs the money. “You spent money on more foolish stuff than this,” he said. “Why go back every month to do this?”

The bill has to be paid, Malone noted.

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New Senate bill won’t help Oswego County jail overcrowding

by Carol Thompson

A bill passed by the New York State Senate designed to help jail overcrowding won’t have much of an impact on Oswego County, according to Sheriff Reuel “Moe” Todd.

“We haven’t had a state problem,” Todd said Wednesday. “It’s kind of a non-issue.”

The legislation, introduced by Senator Patty Ritchie, amends the correction law to give the Department of Correctional Services 10 days to transport parole violators from county jails to state facilities.

“In prisons in both Central and Northern New York, state parole violators are contributing to jail overcrowding,” Ritchie said in a press release.

“That’s forcing some leaders to call for expansions, while at the same time the state is looking to downsize empty prisons,” she added. “This just doesn’t make sense. This legislation will ensure that local taxpayers aren’t footing the bill to house, feed and guard state prisoners for longer than they should have to.”

Under the bill, the state would have to reimburse counties for the cost of any state inmate that is left in a county jail beyond the 10-day period, according to the press release.

According to Todd, the state already does reimburse.

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