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Oswego County to hold organizational meeting Jan. 3

by Carol Thompson

The Oswego County Legislature will hold its annual organizational meeting Jan. 3 at 2 p.m.

At that time, the legislature will elect a chairman and vice chairman. The majority and minority leaders will be named as well.

The legislature will also elect a legislature clerk and designate the officials banks and newspapers for 2013.

Legislator Shane Broadwell, who was appointed to replace Legislator Mary Flett, will begin his term as an elected official. Flett died in August and her seat was on the November ballot.

Broadwell ran unopposed and will serve through the end of 2013.

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View From The Fourth Floor: October 17, 2012

by Carol Thompson

The Oswego County Legislature appointed Shane Broadwell, a Republican, to fill the District 17 seat vacated due to the death of Mary Flett.

During Thursday’s meeting, Broadwell voted rank and file on all the resolutions.

There was one Republican, however, who just couldn’t make up his mind as to how to vote on a resolution for an asbestos abatement project.

When Legislator Dan LeClair’s name was called, he passed, stating he was undecided. When everyone else had voted and it was his turn to cast a vote, he still wasn’t sure.

“I pass, I’m undecided,” he said. When he was told he had to vote, he said, “I have to go one way or the other” and cast a no vote.

LeClair was almost off the hook with his undecided vote when the first attempt was done by a show of hands. Legislature Chairman Fred Beardsley appeared to have a problem counting hands.

“Is roll call easier?,” Minority Leader Mike Kunzwiler quipped. Several legislators laughed as Beardsley called for the roll call vote.

*  *  *  *  *

Beardsley drew laughter when it was called for another resolution to be done by roll call vote.

“All in favor,” he called out.

Oops! That wasn’t supposed to be a collective vote.

The chairman came back with a good save, capturing another round of laughter. “All in favor of a roll call vote,” he joked.

*  *  *  *  *

Legislators can speak as long as they want, but the public is limited to five minutes, precisely timed with a contraption that signals the end.

Majority Leader Jack Proud may have felt like a member of the public when speaking on the Department of Social Services asbestos abatement project.

He was mid-sentence when a buzzing noise sounded.

“Your time’s up,” someone shouted out, resulting in yet more laughter.

*  *  *  *  *

The legislature approved the equalization rates for 2012.

Six towns and the City of Fulton are not at 100-percent. The Town of West Monroe is the lowest at 3.10 percent. “I guess I say it every year, but is West Monroe down any lower?” Kunzwiler asked. More laughter.

On a serious note, Kunzwiler said it is important for taxpayers to know that the low equalization rate increases their tax bill and that sometimes people don’t understand why the county passes a tax rate and their bills are above that rate.

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Broadwell to run unopposed for vacant legislature seat

by Carol Thompson

Oswego businessman Shane Broadwell will run unopposed for the Oswego County Legislature’s District 17 seat.

Broadwell, a Republican, will replace Mary Flett, who died August 17.

Broadwell’s name will be on the ballot in the Nov. 6 general election. Due to the passing of the allowed time for petitioning, the Republican committee representing the district  selected a candidate.

Oswego County Democrat Chairman Mike Kunzwiler said there was not enough time for his committee to select a candidate.

Finding someone sincerely interested in serving the legislature and having such a short time to campaign for the seat made it difficult to find a candidate.

The minority caucus holds only five of the 25 seats in the legislature and that number will remain unchanged for next year.

The District 17 seat had long been held by a Democrat with Flett being the first Republican to serve in many years. Prior to Flett’s appointment, her seat was held by her brother, Leonard Ponzi, a Democrat.

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Broadwell reportedly tapped to fill legislature vacancy

by Carol Thompson

Oswego businessman Shane Broadwell has been tapped to fill the vacancy in the District 17 seat of the Oswego County Legislature that occurred upon the death of Legislator Mary Flett, according to sources close to the Republican Party.

Broadwell’s name has circulated for several days, however, Oswego County Republican Chairman Michael Backus would only state, “We are working with the local committees to put forward a candidate who is invested in the city and county of Oswego. I look forward to welcoming this person to our legislative caucus and the entire legislature as soon as possible.”

The Democrat caucus intents to submit a name as well. “Why wouldn’t we?” Oswego County Democrat Chairman Mike Kunzwiler asked. “They (Republicans) changed the rules.”

Kunzwiler was referring to the appointment of Flett, a Republican, who replaced her brother in the legislature several years ago. Flett’s brother, Len Ponzi, was a longtime Democrat legislator.

Controversy erupted over Flett’s appointment as legislators broke away from the tradition of appointing a person of the same party when a seat becomes vacated.

The Republicans claimed it was Ponzi’s dying wish to have his sister appointed. The appointment resulted in a shouting match between Legislator Doug Malone and Sheriff Reuel “Moe” Todd.

Kunzwiler said while he does not expect the Republican majority will vote for a Democrat to fill the vacancy, he did state the Republican leadership should take into account any potential conflicts prior to nominating Broadwell.

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