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Taxpayers foot the bill for DSS apartment clean-up

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County taxpayers will foot the bill for the garbage cleanup and disinfecting of an apartment in the City of Fulton.

Two employees of Servpro spent Tuesday morning cleaning the apartment, owned by Rose Anthony of the Town of Granby.

Earlier this month, Anthony said an Oswego County Department of Social Services caseworker and a woman approached her about renting an apartment on the second floor of the building she owns at 306 Oneida St.

The woman is developmentally disabled, but Anthony claims she was misled into believing the woman could live independently.

Anthony alleged that the woman was eating off the kitchen floor and that there was raw garbage strewn about the apartment. Anthony further alleged that the woman’s only furniture was a mattress on the living room floor.

Neighbors, Anthony said, began complaining about the stench coming from the upper living area of the home. Upon inspection, Anthony said she saw the condition of the apartment and began contacting DSS.

When asked if Anthony had received a security deposit to cover the cost of the cleanup, Oswego County Department of Social Services Director Gregg Heffner said, “In an effort to appease the landlord who was upset and to help this client,” the work was completed.

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Lack of supportive housing causes community problems

by Carol Thompson

Rose Anthony said she was livid when she visited one of her rental apartments recently.

Roughly two weeks ago, the landlord shown one of her apartments on Oneida Street in the City of Fulton to a woman and the woman’s Oswego County Department of Social Services caseworker.

Anthony agreed to rent to the woman and not long after, she said she was receiving complaints from other tenants.

The woman was allegedly waking neighbors in the early morning hours to use a telephone and creating other problems. Anthony said she decided to pay the tenant a visit.

“I walked in and there was piles of raw garbage in front of the door,” Anthony said.

Once inside, she said she found raw garbage all over the floors. Her tenant, she said, had no furniture other than a mattress in the middle of the living room floor.

Anthony alleges that the Oswego County Health Department would do nothing and she spoke with Bill Reed, who serves as the director of adult services at the county DSS.

Anthony said Reed was no help to her at all.

Oswego County DSS Commissioner Gregg Heffner said he had learned of the problem Monday and that it is going to be addressed as soon as possible.

The woman is developmentally disabled and, like many others, is attempting to function on her own rather than with assistance in a group home.

“Through no fault of their own, they are being put out in the community,” Heffner said. “This is what we’re running into because they are cutting beds. There are fewer beds for supportive services, especially here in Oswego County.”

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Valley Viewpoints: Nepotism?

by Rose Anthony of Granby

We have nepotism in Washington and Albany and Oswego County — so many political positions have relatives employed in high positions. Why do we have to have nepotism in the Town of Granby Highway Department?

At the April Granby Town meeting, I asked a couple questions about the highway department. Has anyone else in this town ever noticed that even when there’s little to no snow, the plow is plowing (sharpening the blades?) and there’s two people in the trucks.

Why are we paying two people for one person’s job? This is our tax dollars at work.

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Valley Viewpoints: Care for the people, not self

by Rose Anthony of Granby

In all my years going to town and legislature meetings, I have never heard what I have heard come of our council person in Granby.

During the March 14 meeting, town board member Lori Blackburn was trying to get insurance buyout on an employee; she got out-voted by the board.

In her statements, she said, “What is good for the goose and is good for the gander.” She also said, “You got to grab what you can grab.” Wow!

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Valley Viewpoint: Honest government

by Rose Anthony of Granby

When a citizen is elected as town councilor, this person should represent all of the taxpayers in the town.

I believe in honest and open government. As a resident of the Town of Granby, I attend each of our meetings once a month and I speak up if I have a question or something to say to the town board, especially if I feel something is not right or fair to all.

At the February meeting, a town councilor spoke quite awhile about insurance. Her husband is insured by the town as a highway department employee. She is employed by the Hannibal school district. She used two cliches phrases: “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander” and “you gotta grab what you can.”

I did not understand her use of these phrases regarding insured by the town as a council member, but questions were not taken from the audience following that meeting.

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