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County adopts resolution calling for repeal of gun law

by Andrew Henderson

By an unanimous vote, members of the Oswego County Legislature approved a resolution Thursday afternoon urging the state to repeal its recently adopted NY Safe Act.

The new law requires criminal background checks on the sale of ammunition, requires five-year renewals on pistol permits, and changes mental health reporting requirements. Those mandates will be costly to the county, the legislators claim in their memorializing resolution.

The legislation outlines a stricter definition of assault weapons and implements an immediate ban of defined assault weapons.

Three people from the public spoke about the issue during a public hearing. All three of them were against the gun-control law.

Rick McDermott, who said he was a representative “of many sportsman organizations throughout the state and county,” said he supports the repealing of the state law.

“The Constitution allows us the right to keep and bear arms for many more reasons than what was stated by the governor in his State of the State speech,” said McDermott. “It is not about hunting. It is not about target shooting. It is about defending our rights and a free America.”

McDermott said that many people do not realize that the New York Civil Rights Law reads almost identical to the Constitution. The New York Civil Rights Law includes the right to bear arms.

“The governor has violated the constitution of the state of New York,” he said. “It’s not about seven rounds in a gun or to deer hunt, it’s about our freedom and our right to protect ourselves.”

McDermott also noted that the gun-control law was passed “in the dark of the night.”

Following the approval of the legislation, the governor reportedly said, “I couldn’t wait for three days. I had to act while I had the votes,” McDermott relayed.

This maneuver reportedly violated New York’s constitution, which states that legislation must be available for three days before a vote is taken.

“The governor clearly thinks that he is above the constitution of this state,” McDermott said. “We the people need to address that with him.”

Sheriff Reuel Todd also spoke and said that as a citizen, he is a gun owner.

“The Constitution itself was not written in three days,” he said. “There is no reason overnight to trample it.”

The sheriff reminded the legislature and members of the public of the recent events in California where a “cop gone bad” had a shoot out with police.

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