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Employee: Computer held ATV club books

by Carol Thompson

A computer in the Oswego County Clerk’s office held the books of the Oswego County ATV Club, although county officials claim they could not locate the program on the software.

The allegation was brought to the attention of County Administrator Phil Church June 13. Shortly thereafter, the computer in question was removed from the clerk’s office and taken to the county’s Office of Central Services so that the hard drive could be examined.

Central Services Director Rick Hogan said Wednesday that while he did not complete a forensic examination of the hard drive, he did conclude that the books were not kept in the computer.

“We didn’t find anything,” Hogan said. “I turned all that information over to the administrator.”

Hogan said it didn’t look like the hard drive had been cleaned. “We didn’t do any forensics on it but we didn’t see anything in the recycle bin,” he said.

Hogan said if the books were in the computer, they may have been on a thumb drive.

Claudia Gamble, who is employed by the clerk’s office and serves as the treasurer of the ATV Club, confirmed that the books were in her computer.

When asked who gave her permission to do the books from the office, she responded, “George,” referring to County Clerk George Williams.

Deputy Clerk of Operations Matthew Bacon said Williams wasn’t in the office, hence, he was unable to confer with him on the matter.

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