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Shock defense holds Watertown to under 200 offensive yards in win

by Rob Tetro

The Syracuse Shock recveived the opening kickoff of its July 21 game against the Watertown Red & Black.

Tweleve seconds into the game, the Shock had a 6-0 lead following Jeff Lott’s 88-yard kickoff return.

Lott fielded the kickoff and ran to his right only to find too many Red & Black Jerseys approaching. Lott then switched fields, cutting to his left while displaying an impressive desire that brought him to the pay dirt that awaited him 88 yards later.

Lott’s impressive effort set the tone for the Shock. While showing balance and efficiency on both sides of the ball, Syracuse cruised to a 38-21 win over Watertown.

Watertown’s first possession of the game began with a bit of good fortune. Watertown snubbed out the Shock’s plot to attempt an on-side kick following Lott’s kickoff return.

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