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Poetry Corner: Nature Knows

by Jim Farfaglia

Nature Knows


The potted plants are being attacked;

their soil suffering wound holes,

their dirt strewn ‘round the porch –

someone’s using them for storage.


The local groundhog drags a belly

grown full from his foraging,

making once last trip through my yard –

using himself for storage.


The deer show themselves less,

gunshots echoing their warning,

moving them deeper into the forest –

deeper into the dark


as a cricket fills the night air,

offering a song he’s practiced all season,

working on his finale –

ushering in the coming silence.

Poetry Corner: On Rainy Saturday Mornings

by Jin Farfaglia

On Rainy Saturday Mornings


On rainy Saturday mornings

we’d get up early, my brother and I,

and make our own breakfast:

hot cocoa and toast with extra jelly.


Then we’d tiptoe to the living room,

turn on the TV low

and flip through the three channels,

amazed at all the fun to choose from.


We’d start with Western Jamboree

heroes like the Lone Ranger riding in,

always ready to fight for what was right.


Next there’d be Looney Tunes

with Elmer, who’d chase Bugs,

who’d yell at Daffy, who’d pick on poor Porky.


Or maybe we’d watch The Three Stooges

those knuckleheads always tripping up,

forever pointing fingers at each other.


But we always made sure to watch Sky King

that solitary plane, searching,

flying high across the prairies…


Later, the rain would stop

and the rest of the day we’d be outside –

chasing our friends and being knuckleheads,

sometimes itching for a fight


but always letting our imagination run free,

letting it fly

across the skyways of possibility.