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Valley Viewpoints: Thanks for voting

by Phillip Vasho, Fulton

I would like to thank everyone who voted in the Nov. 6 election. I am honored to have had the vote of so many of you in my bid for the county clerk’s seat.

As many of you know, the office has been plagued with problems and a change is definitely needed to end the waste of tax dollars and employee abuse that has dominated for far too long.

I congratulate Mike Backus on his win and I expect he will turn the department around and end the abuse that the employees have had to tolerate from the office management and restore the office to public service.

I had the opportunity during the campaign to meet with some of the employees, and after hearing their stories and seeing their proof, there is no doubt in my mind that Mr. Backus has his work cut out for him.

I intend to keep up to date with the office and will keep in touch with the employees to ensure it is operating in the best interests of the taxpayers and employees of Oswego County.

Democrats fare well in national races, GOP takes local races

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County, known to be a stronghold for the Republican Party, once again supported a Democrat in the race for the White House.

President Barack Obama won the county this year, which he did four years ago. Obama took 54.6 percent of the vote to Romney’s 44.8 percent.

Democrat Dan Maffei won with a two-percent lead over Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle in the race for the 24th District Congressional seat in Oswego County. Overall, the unofficial results show Maffei ahead by four percent.

Democrats did not fare so well in the remainder of the races with 48th District State Senator Patty Ritchie winning re-election by a two-to-one margin over Oswego County Legislator Amy Tresidder.

Oswego County Republican Committee Chairman Michael Backus won the seat for County Clerk ousting Phillip Vasho by a 20-percent margin.

Following a national trend, voters in Oswego County were unpredictable and did not vote straight party line.

Also following some national trends, local voters willing to express their opinion at the polls said they felt some incumbents were “ineffective” but voted for their re-election for various reasons — either because they did not know enough about the opposing candidate or because of the stand on a particular issue.

For Tresidder, it was, in part, her effectiveness as a county legislator that impacted voters, according to some voters. “I voted for Patty Ritchie because I think Amy Tresidder does a great job for the county and I think we need her here more,” a City of Oswego voter said. “The state’s a mess and no one person can fix that but Amy makes a difference here.”

Six other voters expressed the same sentiment. A Town of Hannibal voter said he bypassed the race altogether. “I like Tresidder and I’d like her to stay here but I didn’t want to vote for Ritchie so I just didn’t vote for either of them,” he said.

Some voters said they continue to believe Albany is dysfunctional, a sentiment expressed in the last few years.

On the state level, early results show the Democrats may take control of the Senate. The Democrats picked up three critical seats and are awaiting results to determine if they will hold the now 63-seat Senate by a 32-31 margin.

All results are unofficial until re-canvassing and absentee ballot counting has been completed.

Phil Vasho
Democractic candidate for county clerk

Vasho: ‘I will return transparency to office’

Phil Vasho
Democractic candidate for county clerk

by Carol Thompson

Phillip Vasho, who received the nomination of the Oswego County Democrat Committee as its candidate for county clerk, said he will bring accountability of the office back to the people if elected.

“I want transparency, I want integrity and I’m not afraid to go after it,” Vasho said Tuesday evening after winning his party’s nomination.

If his election bid is successful, Vasho said the first order of business will be a complete audit of the office.

“I will call for an audit immediately and I will open the door to any investigators,” he said.

The clerk’s office has been shrouded with controversy and has reportedly been, or is, the subject of an FBI investigation, something the agency will not confirm or deny.

Among the most recent controversies is the awarding of a contract for data imaging services to Info Quick Solutions, Inc, of Liverpool, a company that the opposing legislators claim will cost taxpayers more than $300,000 than need be paid for the service.

The company was the highest bidder and had the lowest overall rating.

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Candidates selected for county clerk race

by Carol Thompson

The two major political parties met Tuesday night to select candidates to be on the ballot for the race for Oswego County Clerk.

The Oswego County Republican Committee unanimously selected its party chairman, Michael Backus, as its candidate.

The Oswego County Democrat Committee selected former legislator Phillip Vasho as its candidate.

Republican party Vice Chairman David Fontecchio said Backus is the exact kind of leader Oswego County is looking for.

“Michael has led the County Republican committee for the past year with great success, but it is his leadership and public service credentials that I think make him such a strong candidate for county clerk,” he said.

Town of Mexico Republican Chairman Chuck Fortier said Backus knows the meaning of hard work, public service and what it means to be a part of the community.

“The Backus family is deeply rooted in this community and from their business background to community service, I know Michael is the kind of leader this county needs as clerk,” he said.

Backus said approximately 125 members of the county Republican committee were in attendance at the meeting held at Lombardo’s Bridie Manor in Oswego.

County Democrat Chairman Mike Kunzwiler said he was pleased with the turnout his committee had Tuesday evening at Democrat headquarters.

“We had every town committee represented,” Kunzwiler said, adding that the standing room-only meeting was very energized.

“Our people understand the severity of the clerk’s office and the goal is to return integrity and public accountability,” he said. “Phil has pledged to return transparency and to run the office with the honesty and integrity the public deserves.”

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