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Legislature to hire consultant to write health insurance RFP

by Carol Thompson

The Oswego County Legislature is looking to solicit bids for a third-party health insurance administrator and approved a motion to allow the personnel director to spend the funds to seek a consultant to write the specifications.

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Finance and Personnel Committee, approval was given to Personnel Director Carol Alnutt to move forward with the process.

“Our department goal for fiscal year 2013 is going to be for our department is to issue a request for proposals for a third-party health administrator and what I’m hoping to do in preparation for that is I would like to in this year prepare an RFP (request for proposal) for a professional service contract with a consulting firm to review the health care plan in terms of its plan design, actually perform an audit and do a thorough evaluation process and help us to do the RFP process,” Alnutt said.

She asked for the committee to allow her to issue an RFP for a consultant.

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