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State funding awarded to seven county projects

by Andrew Henderson

Seven Oswego County municipalities, businesses, and not-for-profit agencies have been awarded state funding through Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Regional Economic Development Council program.

Central New York and Northern New York were named “Top Performers” — taking home prizes of $93.8 million for 73 projects and $90.2 million for 82 projects respectively.

“Once again, we are showing that Central and Northern New York communities are ready to grow,” said Senator Patty Ritchie. “We have the good ideas, a trained and enthusiastic workforce and now, the needed investment and support of state government to continue to make our plans a reality and keep creating the jobs we need to revitalize our economy.

“I have been proud to work with Governor Cuomo on ideas and initiatives that will help our state grow and create more — and better — jobs,” added Ritchie.  “This is just one more example of how by working together we are creating a brighter future for New York and the people who live here.”

Ten Regional Economic Development Councils, comprised of experts and stakeholders with backgrounds in business, academia and local government and non-governmental organizations, were created last year to develop long-term strategic plans for economic growth for their regions.

In 2011, $785 million was up for grabs by 10 regions.  Central and Northern New York received more than $200 million in funding for presenting “best plans” for growth. The funding awarded last week will help both regions continue those plans.

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Valley Viewpoints: Thanks for the confidence

by Patty Ritchie, State Senator

I would like to extend my thanks to all voters for your confidence in returning me to Albany for another term.

As the campaign wraps up, the signs come down and the TV ads stop airing, I’m focusing on getting back to Albany and doing the job you elected me to do.

In recent years, many people had lost hope in state government.  They thought taxes could only go up and that things could only get worse.

However, in the past two years we have begun to turn a corner, and that’s something I am proud to be a part of.

I look forward to continuing to work in a bipartisan way to lower taxes, create jobs and cut red tape so businesses can grow.

One of my top priorities as your State Senator has, and will continue to be helping constituents with problems or concerns related to state government.

As always, if there’s something you need assistance with, please do not hesitate to contact one of my offices.

I vow to keep my promise to stand up for the people of Central and Northern New York. Again, thank you for your vote.

Democrats fare well in national races, GOP takes local races

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County, known to be a stronghold for the Republican Party, once again supported a Democrat in the race for the White House.

President Barack Obama won the county this year, which he did four years ago. Obama took 54.6 percent of the vote to Romney’s 44.8 percent.

Democrat Dan Maffei won with a two-percent lead over Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle in the race for the 24th District Congressional seat in Oswego County. Overall, the unofficial results show Maffei ahead by four percent.

Democrats did not fare so well in the remainder of the races with 48th District State Senator Patty Ritchie winning re-election by a two-to-one margin over Oswego County Legislator Amy Tresidder.

Oswego County Republican Committee Chairman Michael Backus won the seat for County Clerk ousting Phillip Vasho by a 20-percent margin.

Following a national trend, voters in Oswego County were unpredictable and did not vote straight party line.

Also following some national trends, local voters willing to express their opinion at the polls said they felt some incumbents were “ineffective” but voted for their re-election for various reasons — either because they did not know enough about the opposing candidate or because of the stand on a particular issue.

For Tresidder, it was, in part, her effectiveness as a county legislator that impacted voters, according to some voters. “I voted for Patty Ritchie because I think Amy Tresidder does a great job for the county and I think we need her here more,” a City of Oswego voter said. “The state’s a mess and no one person can fix that but Amy makes a difference here.”

Six other voters expressed the same sentiment. A Town of Hannibal voter said he bypassed the race altogether. “I like Tresidder and I’d like her to stay here but I didn’t want to vote for Ritchie so I just didn’t vote for either of them,” he said.

Some voters said they continue to believe Albany is dysfunctional, a sentiment expressed in the last few years.

On the state level, early results show the Democrats may take control of the Senate. The Democrats picked up three critical seats and are awaiting results to determine if they will hold the now 63-seat Senate by a 32-31 margin.

All results are unofficial until re-canvassing and absentee ballot counting has been completed.

Valley Viewpoints: Expect more of the same

by Doug Malone, Legislator

I guess the news of senator Patty Ritchie’s endorsement of Michael Backus for county clerk means Oswego County residents can expect more of the same controversy and overspending if Backus is elected.

Back in August, most of the Republican legislators voted to award a contract for the clerk’s office to IQS, the company that came in more costly than any of the other bidders. The taxpayers can expect to fork over $300,000 more over the life of the contract for the same service the other companies offered and they all had a better overall rating than IQS.

When Ritchie was the St. Lawrence County clerk, she brought IQS onboard in her office, so it’s a no brainer that the chances of cancelling the contract with IQS are slim to none if Backus becomes the next county clerk.

Backus said that having Ritchie’s insight and experience once he’s successful in the fall will be a huge asset. Should Oswego County residents take this to mean that the senator will be micromanaging the clerk’s office? I would think there’s enough for Ritchie to do in Albany than to meddle in the affairs of the Oswego County clerk’s office.

There are many problems in the clerk’s office and the successor needs to be a take charge person who can bring a dismantled office back to a functioning, cost effective operation to serve the public.

Residents need to decide if they want another county Republican chairman at the helm of the clerk’s office or if they want to be rid of mixing politics with the public’s business. We have a chance to end the Republican stronghold on county government and return the clerk’s office to the people – where it belongs.

Job fair to be held tomorrow in Fulton

Nearly 40 local employers are expected at state Senator Patty Ritchie’s second annual Job and Career Fair Wednesday, Sept. 26 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Fulton War Memorial, located at 609 W. Broadway, Fulton.

The event, which is free and open to the public, will also feature workshops to help attendees better their job-seeking strategies, including resume writing, improving interview skills, tips for job-hunting on the Internet and obtaining information for starting your own business.

The job fair is being organized in collaboration with Beth Hilton, executive director of the Greater Oswego-Fulton Chamber of Commerce; Christine Weaver, One-Stop manager of Oswego County Workforce New York; and Tammy Elowsky, assistant director of the SUNY Oswego Small Business Development Center.

Campaign check lists clerk’s phone number

by Carol Thompson

A check drawn on the account of New York State Senator Patty Ritchie’s campaign fund lists the telephone number of the St. Lawrence County Clerk’s office, something that Ritchie’s press spokesperson Sarah Compo said was simply a mistake.

The “Friends of Patty Ritchie” campaign fund account has imprinted the telephone number 3125-379-2237, which is the number of the St. Lawrence County Clerk’s office, along with the address P.O. Box 626, Canton, N.Y. 13617.

Community Bank, where the account is held, is located in Ogdensburg.

Ritchie is the former St. Lawrence County Clerk and served as the clerk during her campaign two years ago.

“We’re aware of this and obviously it’s a mistake,” Compo said Tuesday, adding it’s “an honest mistake.”

Compo said the matter will be rectified.

St. Lawrence County Administrator Karen St. Hilaire said she will see to it that the telephone number is removed from the checks and had initiated the steps to do so.

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State panel would study immunizations for diseases

by Carol Thompson

The New York State Senate passed legislation last week that would create a panel to study the track record and emerging science of immunization and vaccines for Lyme disease, tuberculosis, HIV and Eastern equine encephalitis.

The bill, proposed by Senator Patty Ritchie, would create a “21st Century Workgroup for Disease Elimination and Reduction” within the Department of Health, comprising top experts in diseases, infection and public health, and charged with finding ways to push for the development of effective vaccines against EEE, Lyme disease, tuberculosis and HIV.

The bill, which has been referred to the state Assembly, would require the new panel within the state’s Department of Health to report annually on findings.

Lyme disease and EEE are insect borne disease. West Nile virus, another mosquito borne illness, is not referenced in the legislation.

The Oswego County Legislature has been attempting to raise public awareness of EEE and visitors to the back of the county office complex are greeted with a sign asking residents to be aware of the mosquito-borne disease.

EEE is a disease spread by mosquitoes that primarily infects horses, but is also responsible for five human deaths in Central New York in the past 30 years, including last summer’s death of four-year-old Maggie Sue Wilcox of New Haven.

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No-cost EEE horse vaccine clinic to be held Friday in New Haven

State Senator Patty Ritchie said she is sponsoring two no-cost EEE vaccine clinics for horses this week.

The clinics are aimed at raising public awareness and preventing the spread of Eastern Equine Encephalitis, the mosquito-borne disease that killed at least 12 horses in Central and Northern New York last summer. EEE also claimed the life of a four-year-old Oswego County girl.

The clinics — to be held Thursday evening in Heuvelton and Friday evening in New Haven — are funded by a special grant Senator Ritchie obtained through the state budget and in cooperation with local veterinarians. Horse owners wishing to participate should pre-register at Senator Ritchie’s web site at www.ritchie.nysenate.gov.

“EEE is a very serious disease that is nearly always fatal in horses — and nearly 100 percent preventable, if horses are vaccinated,” said Ritchie. “Yet many horse owners, farmers and others are still unaware of the danger both to their families and to their farm animals. These clinics aim to educate farmers and horse owners, and protect a very valuable investment.”

Assemblyman Will Barclay, who is co-hosting the New Haven clinic, said, “Everyone needs to take steps to protect themselves from EEE, including horse owners. We’ve got to do all we can to prevent EEE and vaccinating our horses is an important step.”
There is no human vaccine for EEE, but the horse vaccine is nearly 100 percent effective.

The clinics are being conducted by two licensed veterinarians — Dr. Jack Zeh in Heuvelton and Dr. Reid J. Oliver in New Haven — who have agreed to waive any additional fees for their services.

The New Haven clinic will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Town of New Haven Highway Department, N.Y.S. Route 104.