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Valley Viewpoints: People, not party

by Ken Cuyler, Oswego

Now the election is over and the candidates were elected to office. Is it time for these people to stop worrying about Republican or Democratic issues.

Shouldn’t these people worried about all the people and not just their party?

In the past, I have written letters to people who were elected to office and never got an answer!

Do they, after being elected, look up and see if the letter comes from the right party member?

Come on, after you are elected your wages comes from all the people, so why worry about parties?

It’s time to drop your party and work for all of us. Your decision should be: what is best for all the people not just Republcans or Democrats.

So, as an elected official, vote on the issues for the better of all people not just your party.

It’s time elected officials stop fighting issues along party lines and fight for the people!