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Oswego High School Top 100 students receive recognition

The Oswego High School Top 100 students were recognized for the 24th consecutive year.

Several hundred people packed the Oswego High School Dining Hall for the annual “Top 100” dinner. This year, Oswego Rotary, PathFinder Bank, NBT Bank, and the Oswego City School District hosted the event with the Oswego City School District Food Service Department supplying a buffet extravaganza.

The ceremony became a reality in Oswego due to the efforts of Rotarian and former Oswego City School District administrator Ed Caraccioli. Over two decades ago, while on a visit to another club he was present for a very special event, which brought together the top students from that district.

He returned to Oswego and presented the concept to the local Rotarians. They not only adopted it, but have continued to support it and host the students at the annual event.

Rotary President Tom Ingram welcomed and congratulated the members of the Top 100 and noted the importance of being academic leaders within their school community.

As Oswego High School Principal Brian Hartwell announced each individual member the “Top 25,” each student received a recognition certificate from  Superintendent of Schools Bill Crist, Executive High School Principal Brian Hartwell and Oswego Board of Education members President John Dunsmoor and Vice President Kathleen Allen.

Crist said, “As our highest achieving academic students, your personal achievements are to be lauded and heralded. This milestone shows great persistence, determination and, of course, intelligence. It is truly a great setting to share with family, friends and loved ones an acknowledgement of our Top 100 students at the Oswego High School.”

He added, “You represent the academic leadership in our school. As the future leaders of our communities and presently of our schools we applaud you in your thirds for leading with this academic status.”

Several members of the “Class of 2013” were in attendance for their fourth consecutive year. All are bound to continue their education at campuses throughout the nation.

The students who were in attendance each of their years Dylan Currier (Rochester Institute of Technology), Vincent DeBiase (SUNY Oswego), Jeremy Galvin (LeMoyne College), Tess Gordon (St. John Fisher), Tory Jaskula (Skidmore College), Travis Kearns (Clemson University), Dylan Lavner (New Jersey Institute of Technology), Sarah Mancuso (SUNY Geneseo), Emilea Reiner (Georgia Institute of Technology), Grant Richmond (SUNY Stony Brook) , Leah Weiss (Western New England University School of Pharmacy), and Catherine Wells (Ithaca College).

Danielle Benigno (SUNY Oswego) is a senior who completed her academic work to graduate in three years.

Other seniors recognized for their accomplishments included  Jacob Annal (Rochester Institute of  Technology), Erin Chetney (LeMoyne College), David Culeton (St. Vincent College), Lisette Dufore (SUNY Fredonia), Alexa Healy (Edinboro University),  Frederick Johnson (Rochester Institute of Technology),  Courtney Kelly (Albany College of Pharmacy), Elisabeth Michaud (SUNY Geneseo), Mackenzie Palmer (SUNY Potsdam), Gordon Pan (University of Rochester), Jonah Restuccio (Ithaca College), and Robert Zeigler (Grove City College).

Eleventh graders recognized at this year’s dinner included  Nina Alcasid, Erica Atkins, Elizabeth Baker, Katelyn Cary, Kyle Collins, Madison Collins, Kerrigan Cummins, Evan Davis, Samantha Davis, Holly Gilbert, Mallory Gordon, Sarah Hoefer, Cassandra Hondro, Emily Hurlbutt, Courtney Johnson, Bo Yang Li, Shannon McIntosh, Michaela Moran, Allison Moshier, Jacob Oleyourryk, Zachary Salvador, Mitchell Schrader, Elizabeth Scott, Tory Welsch and Meggie Zhang.

The “Top 25” from the sophomore class included Sean Benjamin, Molly Brown, Joshua Bucher, Alaina Celeste, Nora Culeton, Zachary Gillard, Taylor Hamer, Allie Henderson, Shea Hewitt, Katherine Knopp, Brianah Lane, Mayraliz Lopez, Reilly Patrick, Rachael Purtell, Nicholas Reiner, Connor Sheffield, Edward Sheridan, Brenna Sherman, Thomas Simmonds, Allison Smith, Zachary Smolinski, Rebecca Victory, Kayla Volkomer, Kara Weiss and Nikolas Whiteside.

The ninth graders invited to the dinner included Brynn Adner, Ana Alcasid, Victoria Armet, Jenna Ballard, Katie Bradshaw, Trevor Bradshaw, Ayla Busch, Alexander Bush, Michaela Callen, Maia Delaney, Clare Donovan, Olivia Dowdle, Brianna Fernandez, Mark Forger, Jacob Gerber, Alexander Haessig, Evan James, John Khamis, Roman Danilo Madlangbayan, Natasha Mezza, Kyra O’Gorman, Chase Pelton, Claire Richardson, Kelly Skinner and Christopher Van Gorder.


Newest Oswego High School Honor Society inductees welcomed

Oswego High School National Honor Society Owl’s Head Chapter held its induction ceremony recently. Pictured are the newest members of the National Honor Society.
Oswego High School National Honor Society Owl’s Head Chapter held its induction ceremony recently. Pictured are the newest members of the National Honor Society.

Traditionally, the first Sunday afternoon in May means that it is time for the Oswego High School National Honor Society Owl’s head Chapter induction ceremony.

As families, friends and faculty, along with some members of the Board of Education, gathered at the Robinson-Faust Theatre for the Performing Arts, nearly 40 Oswego High School students were inducted.

Addressing the students and audience, Oswego High School Principal Brian Hartwell said, “When I reflect upon ‘What is Right with Oswego High School and what makes us a School of Excellence’ the answer is the leadership of our best and brightest.”

Continuing he noted, “Inductees, your accomplishments, coupled with your commitment and characters makes us all very proud. I encourage you to take time to reflect upon your journey to this point. I am sure that you will recall many of the exceptional teachers that made a lasting impression on you.

“When offering thanks to shoe that have helped you along the way, be sure not to forget your parents. Your accomplishment are a compilation of many years of education and certain a proud day for all of us.

“It is vital, however, to remember that the first teachers you ever had are your parents who have devoted their lives to you. They were your first teachers and your teachers for life.”

Owl’s Head Chapter Officers had a key part in the ceremony as President Catherine Wells, Vice-President Christina Abare, along with co-secretaries Jeremy Galvin and Sarah Mancuso were joined on stage by Treasurer Brianna Favata.

The officers introduced the newest inductees.

Included as the newest members of the National Honor Society were Rana Al-Salameh, Sean Benjamin, Shane Bowman, Molly Brown, Joshua Bucher, Josh Carney, Lainey Celeste, Meredith Chesare, Nora Culeton, Marguerite Dillon, Sage Dudley, Jacob Gardner, Gracie Gilbert, Kellie Gorman, Alexandra Henderson, Shea Hewitt and Kyle Kemper.

Also inducted were Katherine Knopp, Brianah Lane, Meghan Livoti, Mayraliz Lopez, Jordan McCauley, Paul Oleyourryk, Rachael Purtell, Reilly Patrick, Nicholas Reiner, Angie Rookey, Edward Sheridan, Brenna Sherman, Allison Smith, Zachary Smolinski, Christopher Sullivan, Kayla Volkomer, Kara Weiss and Nikolas Whiteside.

Principal Hartwell praised the academic achievements of the students. He said, “While this ceremony is to honor those students that have gone above and beyond in leadership, scholarship, character and service; this is not your finale. No, the certificates, medals, and applause are merely the beginning.

“Oswego High School, our community and eventually your nation will look to you and those like you to lead us deeper into the 21st century,” he added. “The commitment and character that you have demonstrated will serve you well as you continue your journey.”

He closed by saying, “Thank you for representing your family and Oswego High in such fine fashion. One again ‘Congratulations’. You should be proud of yourselves.” 

Art students honored at Oswego school board meeting

The Oswego City School District Board of Education met Tuesday, Feb. 26 for its regularly scheduled meeting at the Education Center.

Oswego High School art students were recognized prior to the action on a variety of resolutions.

The students were recipients of Central New York Scholastic Art Awards and Oswego High School was represented by Gold Key, Silver Key and honorable mention award winners.

Among the students recognized were Gold Key recipients Criszer Cabanlig, Makayla Carson, Lauren Dafoe, Rebecca North and Mike Edwards.

Silver Key awardees were Chrissy Abare, Allie Henderson, Emily Henderson, Kayla Volkomer and Michaela Moran while the honorable mentions included Patricia Talamo, Victoria Gardner, Senna Handley, Shea Hewitt, Emily Henderson, Abare, Dafoe, Cabanlig, North, Edwards and Moran.

John Sheffield and Heidi Sheffield spoke to the board and asked for support in the upcoming effort to fight childhood cancer. The father and daughter noted that there were several local children suffering from cancer and that the St. Baldrick’s effort raises funds to fight childhood cancer.

They asked if any board members or school administrators might be “celebrities” in the upcoming effort.

Under personnel action, the board approved the resignation of modified assistant track coach Danielle Rombough.

Approval was also given to accept several Frederick Leighton faculty members as after school study table supervisors.

In actions involving professional staff, the board, by a 4-2 vote, approved a two percent raise for Superintended of Schools William Crist.

Jane Wagner was appointed as the new school lunch manager and will commence her duties April 1, 2013.

Under support staff action, the board approved the establishment of two titles which included assistant transportation supervisor and senior automotive mechanic.

Leaves of absence were granted to registered professional nurse Johnaellyn Waldron and teacher aides Jacqueline Pfiefer and Kathy Forger. Probationary appointments were approved for Theresa Verdoliva (custodian), Sharon Truax (custodial worker), part-time school bus drivers Bill Carney and Lee Williams, Tammy Martinez (part-time school bus attendant) and part-time school monitors Jennifer Wetzel and Rhonda Parker.

Kevin Meaker was appointed as modified assistant wrestling coach.

Permanent appointments were approved by teacher aide Laurie Knapp and food service helpers Debbie Meeks, Gina Stephens-Taylor, Brenda Neacosia, and Barbara Perfetti as well as registered professional nurses Linda Pickens and Johnaellyn Waldron.

The board approved a field trip for 20 High School students to participate in the Teen Health Conference in May.

The board accepted donations from Constellation Energy and Novelis and provided permission for Jammer Basketball to use district facilities.

The Board of Education will meet for its March committee meetings Tuesday, March 12 at 5 p.m.

Another step to protect Oswego High School students was implemented Jan. 22.There will be a new parking pattern along Buccaneer Boulevard in the area adjacent to the main door of the Oswego High School. Pictured is Transportation Supervisor Bill Myer.

School tow-away zone in effect

Another step to protect Oswego High School students was implemented Jan. 22.There will be a new parking pattern along Buccaneer Boulevard in the area adjacent to the main door of the Oswego High School. Pictured is Transportation Supervisor Bill Myer.
Another step to protect Oswego High School students was implemented Jan. 22.There will be a new parking pattern along Buccaneer Boulevard in the area adjacent to the main door of the Oswego High School. Pictured is Transportation Supervisor Bill Myer.

Another step to protect Oswego High School students has been implemented.

There will be a new parking pattern along Buccaneer Boulevard in the area adjacent to the main door of the Oswego High School.

Transportation Supervisor Bill Myer said, “When I took this position I noticed that there were several areas of concern and the bus pick-up parking at the Oswego High School was one of them. I felt this  could present a safety issue. Buses parked staggered side-by-side. In my opinion this was a potentially dangerous situation  as students were walking between buses to get to their buses to be transported home.”

Continuing he said, “We have had angled-in parking at the Oswego Middle School and it has proven to be effective, safe and efficient. That is what we are introducing at the Oswego High School. However, in order to accomplish that task we needed to adjust the parking situation in the area.”

New signs have been put in place which designates that from 1:45-2:45 p.m. the area along Buccaneer Boulevard, from the entrance to the Frederick Leighton Elementary School parking lot to the OHS Liberty Street parking lot, would be a tow away zone.

Myer noted, “Any cars parked in the area across from the high school between 1:45 to 2:45 p.m. will be towed at the owners’ expense. We need to focus on the safety of our students and the new pick-up procedure is a step in that direction.”

In order for this new pattern to be successful there can’t be any cars parked in that area from 1:45 to 2:45 p.m.

The area also has other times of limited parking.

For all of the students being dropped off and picked-up at the Frederick Leighton Elementary School there is no parking along Buccaneer Boulevard from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. and  from  3 to 3:45 p.m.

Parking is allowed for all times outside of the posted times.

Myer noted he apologizes for any inconvenience this might present. “It is a matter of safety first and this is being done to protect the health and safety of our students,” he said.

The Oswego High Buccaneer Boosters, in cooperation with the Oswego City School District, are bringing a new mascot to local events. SUNY Oswego Costume Shop Supervisor Judy McCabe and student Ashley Whelsky work on adjusting a sleeve of the new costume.

School mascot to be unveiled

The Oswego High Buccaneer Boosters, in cooperation with the Oswego City School District, are bringing a new mascot to local events. SUNY Oswego Costume Shop Supervisor Judy McCabe and student Ashley Whelsky work on adjusting a sleeve of the new costume.

After nearly a year of planning a new Oswego High School mascot is expected to take to the sidelines in late September.

Judy Queale-Dunsmoor, president of the Buccaneer Boosters, noted, “We started talking about this about a year ago. We hoped to increase school spirit and bring a professional image to the sidelines of our sports events and school assemblies.”

With the cooperation of numerous individuals and organizations, the new Buccaneer mascot began to take shape. The idea isn’t to change the type of mascot that already exists, but to have a new, exciting look.

The Buc Booster president said, “The cost is shared by the district and the boosters. We organized a committee of boosters, students, as well as Oswego High School Principal Brian Hartwell, Faust-Robinson Theatre Director Steve Braun, along with the athletic director and Judy McCabe of SUNY Oswego along with students in her costume design area.”

It is hoped that the new mascot will make its debut during the September 24-29 “Spirit Week” as the creative team has been hard at work to reach that deadline.

Earlier this week, Queale-Dunsmoor headed to the lower levels of SUNY Oswego Tyler Hall and entered the “Magic Shop.” The room is packed with everything needed to create a costume.

Judy McCabe, SUNY Oswego Costume Shop supervisor, noted, “I have been involved in the committee and helped advise them on what could be done and what couldn’t. I am excited with the progress we made and the work that has been done thus far.”

Ashley Whelsky, a senior at SUNY Oswego who has worked at Cortini’s Shoes for quite some time, was involved in the creative process and designed a fitting piece of the costume from blue leather.  She liked it so much that she said, “I really just wanted to keep it for myself.”

Joe Cortini from Cortini’s Shoes in Fulton produced the boots and other pieces of the costume.

However, the costume is just about complete, but there is one major ingredient that is needed…the head.

Queale-Dunsmoor noted, “We wanted to do as much as we could locally and support people and businesses in our community. However, we had to go outside for the head and Cowan Costumes in Cleburne, Texas is creating the final key for the costume and it is supposed to arrive sometime during the week of September 17.”

The costume is ready, but there is more involved in this “school spirit” effort.

There are going to be try outs for the mascot.

“We would like to have students who feel that it is an honor to wear it,” a spokesperson said. “We want those students to exude energy and provide leadership to get the spirit up and the crowd excited at every event where the mascot is present.”

Eventually, the new mascot will have a name, but that will be determined by the student body.

In the years ahead, the new Buc mascot hopefully will be a major part of sports, school and community events.

Superintendent of Schools Bill Crist said, “We are all Buccaneers” and thus far all of the schools in the district have adopted the Buc as the mascot.

Brian Hartwell, Oswego High School Principal, noted, “The new mascot is indicative of our vision to always be working toward excellence. The time, planning and commitment that went into creating our new mascot exemplifies our overall commitment to excellence.”

Class of 1972 seeks classmate information for 40th reunion

The Oswego High School Class of 1972 is planning a 40th Class Reunion Oct. 5-6.

The committee is still looking for contact information and/or mailing addresses for the following classmates:

Dawn Abbott Townsend, Shirley Allen, Martha Barlow, Larry Boone, Deborah Carosella, Joann Colianno Dorgan, Harry Cook, Randall Cooper, Melody Curran Werder, Rose Ann DeGroff, Betty Delk, John Dubiel, Nora Eason, and Anne Edwards Cormier.

Also, David Finch, Rick Flood, Mary Jane Foster, Arlene Garrett, Barb Greeney Monihan, Bruce Howe, Jeff Jaskula, Jeanne Kavanaugh Wyman, Patrick Kavanaugh, Linda Klefbeck Falada, Don Knight, Wayne Kuzawski, Joe Lowery, William Manchester, Janet Marshall, Ann McIntyre, and Kevin Mooney.

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