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Green Jobs Green New York launches in Oswego County

by Nicole Reitz

At a recent Oswego Common Council meeting, the Public Policy and Education Fund announced the launch of the Green Jobs Green New York program in Oswego County.

The Green Jobs Green New York program is a statewide initiative offering eligible residents with free energy assessments.

The PPEF helps homeowners access the program by providing information about home efficiency incentives, and guiding them through the process.

The free energy assessment lets homeowners know where they are losing energy, and subsequently, money.

“We are really starting to focus on Oswego because of the older housing stock, which is generally inefficient,” said David Alicea, outreach associate.

“With many families already struggling, our program will help Oswego County residents save money while also helping the environment,” he added.

In addition to the free assessment, residents may be eligible for a 50 percent grant and a low interest loan to finance any home efficiency work.

The grant is based on household income and family size.

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Lake effect snow: Oswego County officials urge caution in traveling today

Road conditions throughout Oswego County are extremely hazardous due to heavy snow and wind conditions. The Oswego County Sheriff’s Office and Oswego County Highway Superintendent urge people to avoid traveling in the northeast portion of the county.

 Visibility conditions are very poor and highway crews are having a difficult time keeping up with the amount of snow and blowing conditions, the officials said. People should use extreme caution while traveling and should check on conditions before they set out.

 This morning the lake effect snow bands were creating hazardous conditions north of Route 104 and east of Route 11, but according to the National Weather Service – Buffalo Forecast Office, the bands are expected to drift steadily south during the next few hours. Conditions will improve in the north but the band will drift first to the Oswego/Mexico/Williamstown area and by afternoon is expected to impact the Fulton/Parish area.

Oswego County launches free snowmobile trail app

The Oswego County Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning has partnered with Mohawk Valley GIS and the Oswego County Snowmobile Association to offer a free trail app for riders in the snow blessed Tug Hill region.

The app contains interactive maps of 378 miles of snowmobile trails, public parking locations, 10 snowmobile clubs, 25 restaurants, 21 gas stations, 11 lodgings, and several more snowmobile-related and supporting businesses along the Oswego County trail system.

As of press time, 837 people had downloaded the app, which displays the rider’s current GPS location and trail data. Once it’s been loaded on a smart phone, the trails can be accessed at any time.

“Oswego County is blessed with a wide variety of natural resources that are enjoyed by thousands of visitors from around the world throughout the year,” said Dave Turner, director of the county Department of Community Development, Tourism and Planning.

“Our annual snowfall (sometimes the highest this side of the Rockies) is near the top of the list of attractions here for outdoor enthusiasts. We were delighted to be selected as the model for this new service, and we hope that it will become the tool that helps create a safe and enjoyable experience for resident snowmobilers and wintertime visitors alike.”

Linda Rockwood, developer of the www.NYSnowmobileWebMap.com site and owner of Mohawk Valley GIS, approached the county more than a year ago and offered to develop the app as a pilot project.

“The timing was perfect, said Rockwood. “Oswego County wanted to include their trails in the interactive trail map website project, and we wanted to create a free app that featured the trails in one of our state’s more popular regions.”

As part of the joint promotional effort, sponsoring businesses in Oswego County were offered a discounted advertising package that includes the countywide paper trail map, web map, premium statewide and free trail apps, and GPS trail sets.

The Snowmobiling Oswego County app is available in both Apple’s appStore and Google’s Play store.

County offices return to regular office schedule

by Carol Thompson

Most Oswego County government offices have returned to regular office hours following scheduling changes for the summer.

According to Legislature Clerk Wendy Falls, the office of the county clerk is open from 8:30 a.m. until 4 p.m. and the office of the county attorney is open from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m.

The Building and Grounds department, the legislature and the treasurer’s office are now open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m.

The highway department remains closed on Fridays through October. The office is open Monday through Thursday.

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Oswego County FOIL discussion tabled

by Carol Thompson

A discussion in regard to changes in Oswego County’s Freedom of Information Law policy was tabled with little discussion by the legislature’s Strategic Planning and Government Committee.

During Monday’s meeting, Legislator Shawn Doyle asked if a draft policy could be presented to New York State Committee on Open Government Committee Director Robert Freeman for an opinion. Онлайн заявка на кредит.

“It would just make sense,” Doyle said.

The committee approved tabling discussion of the policy until Freeman reviewed it.
Majority Leader Jack Proud said that he wanted to remind the committee of the concept of local control.

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Valley Viewpoints: The dominos are lining up

by Oswego County Legislator James Karasek

When I was a child, toys were a simpler past-time than they are today. We had a set of dominos that was kept in the lower desk drawer and every now and then I would get them out and stand them on end.  It was a simple task to push the first one and see them all fall.

It took practice and it took time to get them to stand up on end and yet make sure the spacing was correct. The actual time it took for them to fall was quick, but you had to have everything in place just right to make it work.

I later came to appreciate the “bones” for what they were, the dots become strategy and the slap of the game piece on the table was the” in your face” play that I felt sure was the winning move.

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Oswego County legislators seek more efficiency with FOIL requests

by Carol Thompson

A majority of the records held by Oswego County are public, but the wait for those records can be lengthy.

For that reason, as well as other reasons, legislators want to discuss what steps can be taken to streamline the process.

Last month, the committee discussed not only the timeliness of fulfilling the requests, but whether a legislator should be required to submit a written request for records they need in their roles as elected officials.

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Oswego County flow control lawsuit discussion leads to outburst

by Carol Thompson

A judgment against Oswego County for legal fees to be paid in a lawsuit challenging the county’s flow control lawsuit brought about some debate and an outburst from the plaintiff who was sitting in the audience.

During Thursday’s meeting, the legislature voted to pay Jeff Holbrook $65,214 as ordered by the court.

Holbrook sued the county over its flow control law and a federal court judge ruled the county’s law unconstitutional.

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