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Republicans tap Beardsley for county treasurer

by Carol Thompson

With the fate of the Oswego County Treasurer’s vacancy still unknown, the Oswego County Republican Committee selected Legislator Fred Beardsley for the appointment.

Beardsley, who serves as the chairman of the legislature, faced a challenge from Legislator James Karasek for the position.

According to several committee members present at the Thursday night meeting, there were quite a few abstentions.

The county legislature intends to appoint Beardsley to the position next month. The office of Governor Andrew Cuomo has said it is their appointment.

Oswego County Democrat Chairman Mike Kunzwiler said he has passed along the name of the county’s chief accountant, Mark See, to hold the position until the end of the year.

See has agreed to accept the position for an additional pay of five hours each week.

Prior to the Republican Committee vote, Town of Granby residents Cheryl and Les Holmes sent out a letter to committee members outlining Beardsley’s history as the Town of Hastings supervisor. Beardsley had been cited twice by the New York State Comptroller’s office for having the town do business with his own business.

The vacancy occurred when John Kruk announced in January that he would be retiring Feb. 27.

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John Kruk to step down as county treasurer

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County Treasurer John Kruk has announced he will step down from his position effective Feb. 28.

He announced his intention to retire during Thursday’s meeting of the Oswego County Legislature’s Finance and Personnel Committee.

Now, the legislature will determine if the vacancy will be filled by a governor appointment or if they will appoint.

Legislature Chairman Fred Beardsley and Legislator James Karasek have both expressed interest in the position.

New York State County Law, Section 400, states a vacancy is to be filled by the governor.

Kruk’s term was to expire at the end of this year and will be on the ballot in the November election. The position of treasurer is elected every four years.

Kruk served as the executive assistant to the mayor of the City of Fulton until his election as the county treasurer in 2001. He narrowly defeated James Bryant for the position in a Republican primary race.

Kruk also served as the Oswego County Republican Committee treasurer and currently serves  as the acting treasurer. He told the committee that he was exhausted and wanted to spend more time with his family in announcing his decision.

“This will be my last Finance and Personnel Committee meeting,” he said.

Minority Leader Mike Kunzwiler said he will be in contact with the governor’s office to determine how the vacancy is to be filled. Should it be a governor’s appointment, the Democrat caucus will likely select Kruk’s successor as the governor is a Democrat and traditionally vacancies are filled with a person of the same party affiliation as the governor.

Kunzwiler gave no indication of who that person would be should he make the recommendation to the governor.