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More allegations of computer porn surface in county

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County Legislator Doug Malone held an impromptu press conference Friday after he was shut down from speaking at a committee meeting.

During Friday’s meeting of the legislature’s Finance and Personnel Committee, Malone attempted to speak just prior to the committee entering executive session.

Legislator Jim Oldenburg, who chairs the committee, would not allow Malone to speak.

“I have a personnel question,” Malone said.

Oldenburg did not acknowledge him and instead began to announce the executive session.

“I’d like to bring up something for the public,” Malone repeated when Oldenburg finished speaking.

“It’s not on the agenda and I’m not recognizing you,” Oldenburg answered.

Malone again asked to bring something up for the public and Oldenburg continued calling for the executive session.

Malone then called for a press conference and left the room.

Moving to a small conference room, Malone said the misuse of taxpayers money and equipment has to stop. He added that more allegations of pornography in the highway department have surfaced.

As first reported in The Valley News, several employees, all whistleblowers, alleged that a coworker at the county’s Pulaski garage had been viewing pornography at work for a couple years.

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