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Employees allege coworker viewed pornography at work

by Carol Thompson

Several employees of the Oswego County Highway Department have alleged that a co-worker has been using the county computer to view pornographic pictures and videos for approximately two years while on taxpayer time.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, four employees, all whistleblowers, said they have witnessed the employee viewing the x-rated material on many occasions on a computer at the county’s Parish highway garage.

Additionally, they allege that while their coworker spent much time on the computer looking at pictures and watching videos, the coworker also racked up overtime hours each week.

The employees further allege that they brought their concerns to management to no avail, so they turned to a legislator for help in bringing it to an end.

Legislator Doug Malone said he was contacted, and after speaking with the employees, requested Oswego County District Attorney Gregory Oakes look into the matter.

The computer was removed from the premises a few weeks ago, the employees allege, although they are not aware of where it went once it left. The employees claim that Highway Superintendent Kurt Ospelt removed the computer.

Malone said Oakes told him the computer was removed and rather than be examined by the county’s IT Department, it was sent out for inspection.

Malone said that Oakes telephoned him and advised him that pornography was found in the computer, but because it wasn’t child pornography, there would be no criminal charges.

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