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Jail study to be discussed behind closed doors

by Carol Thompson

Members of the Oswego County Legislature’s Old Jail Property and Planning Committee, along with members of the Infrastructure and Facilities Committee, met at the Department of Social Services complex in Mexico Tuesday to discuss whether to move ahead with a study to determine how to move forward with the former jail property.

County purchasing director Fred Maxon recommended the committee  interview three potential vendors.

Legislator Morris Sorbello, who chairs the jail committee, requested a motion to interview the vendors and allow legislators to ask questions.

Legislature Chairman Fred Beardsley did not see the need for the interviews. “If we’re going to tear the building down, if that’s the decision made to take the building down, then a number of these questions, the structural integrity of the building doesn’t become our problem, it becomes the low bidders problem,” he said.

The full legislature will eventually decide the fate of the deteriorated structure that once served as the county jail.

When construction of the new public safety center was completed, the former jail sat dormant and is now in a condition beyond repair.

At issue is whether the county should sell the property with the building or demolish the structure and sell the land.

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Phase 1 of old jail study to begin

by Carol Thompson

For more than a decade, the Oswego County Legislature has been discussing what to do with the former jail that sits across the street from the Public Safety Center.

Recently, a committee was formed to study the options for the ailing building, which is located off Route 481.

During the first committee meeting held Wednesday, it was decided that the first step should be an environmental study to determine if there is any inactive fuel oil or underground gas tanks as well as storm sewers.

The condition of the former jail was discussed and Legislator Morris Sorbello, who serves as the chairman of the new committee, said he had gone on a recent tour of the facility.

“I personally don’t see any way we could do anything with that building,” he said, noting that it is primarily concrete and steel.

County Administrator Phil Church recommended the committee have the purchasing department make some calls to obtain a ballpark figure as to how much an environmental study would cost so that request for proposals can be solicited.

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Sorbello to head committee formed to study former jail

by Carol Thompson

Following years of discussion, the Oswego County Legislature has yet to decide what to do with the former jail that sits across the Public Safety Center.

A committee has been formed to discuss the prospects for the ailing facility.

Legislator Morris Sorbello will serve as the chairman and legislators Linda Lockwood and Jake Mulcahey will round out the committee.

“We need to find out about an asbestos study,” Sorbello said, adding that the committee will hopefully conclude what to do with the building.

At one time in recent years, County Administrator Phil Church said there may be an interested developer.

He would not disclose the name of the developer to legislators and nothing more had been said at public meetings after the initial announcement.

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