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Menter Ambulance to serve Minetto, Oswego and Scriba

Menter Ambulanceby Andrew Henderson

The Towns of Minetto, Oswego and Scriba will be utilizing the services of Menter Oswego County Ambulance Service as its primary ambulance service provider within the three townships as of the first of the year.

A contract for similar services provided by the City of Oswego terminates Dec. 31.

The move comes after the City of Oswego wanted to charge the three towns a 400-percent increase in costs for providing ambulance services, according to the three town supervisors.

Under the contract set to expire at the end of the year, the Town of Oswego paid $20,000, while Minetto and Scriba each paid $10,000 to the City of Oswego to respond to emergency ambulance calls within the three town’s boundaries.

The supervisors were notified recently that a new contract would require each town to pay the city $50,000.

“A 400-percent increase for this service is simply unacceptable in this day and age,” said Ken Burdick, supervisor for the Town of Scriba.

Oswego Town Supervisor Victoria Mullen said, “We were challenged by the mayor and common council to seek other ambulance services for our towns and we found an excellent replacement with Menter.”

Menter Oswego County Ambulance Service has increased its staff and has implemented an operational plan, which includes a re-allocation of its services resources to ensure the town residents receive emergency medical services within the same time frame they currently receive them in now from the City of Oswego.

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