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Valley Viewpoints: McCausey Cemetery

by Jennie Saunders, Hannibal

In 1999, Charlene Cole and I mapped a small abandoned cemetery on State Route 176 west of Bowens Corners. It had become overgrown with trees and poison ivy. It is recorded at the Record Center and on the web site.

There are about 30 people buried in the McCausey Cemetery, including a Civil War soldier, Eli Poison Co. E 184th Reg NY Vol.

About five or six years ago, Carol Newvine became involved and Hannibal adopted it. A grant was requested and received to clean it up.

Ron Greenleaf, Hannibal supervisor, had the trees cut and poison ivy eliminated and a piece of fence put up.

Greg Woloven did a great job with tree stumps and cleaning and mowing. This year, Derek Hilton took it as a Scout project and Steve Earl kept it mowed. The result is a fence, gate, sign and flag pole.

Thank you to all who became involved and helped make a sad overgrown cemetery into a really nice memorial.