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Legislators want clerk supervisors replaced

supervisorsby Carol Thompson

The hostile work environment in the Oswego County Clerk’s office has reportedly turned to violence in the work place as an employee allegedly threw a staple remover at another employee, hitting the employee.

Index clerk Justin White, who allegedly became enraged Tuesday, is said to have picked up a six-inch metal staple remover and flung it at a coworker.

The incident occurred in front of one of the security cameras located in the clerk’s office.

The clerk’s office has been shrouded in controversy with allegations of bullying and harassing. The office has an acting county clerk, a deputy clerk of operations and one senior index clerk, responsible for supervising nine employees.

Legislators on both sides of the aisle question how three supervisors could be present when the incident occurred yet there was no intervention and both sides are calling for County Clerk-elect Michael Backus to replace acting County Clerk Georgiana Mansfield and Deputy Clerk of Operations Matthew Bacon when he takes office at the first of the year.

“The atmosphere in the clerk’s office is toxic,” Legislator Shawn Doyle said. “Mansfield and Bacon bear the ultimate blame for this in my opinion. Backus must remove them to begin any reorganization and healing among staff.”

Legislator Doug Malone agreed. “I don’t know why we need deputies,” he said. “Bacon was supposed to be in charge of operations and it doesn’t look like it’s working.”

He added that the legislators don’t need to be babysitting the office everyday.

Minority Leader Mike Kunzwiler said, “I concur with Shawn. It’s well past the point of turning your head and saying nothing is wrong. It’s well past that.”

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Legislator calls for investigation into backdating of county records

by Carol Thompson

The meeting of the Oswego County Legislature turned into an inquisition when some legislators questioned the backdating of legal documents in the office of the County Clerk by Deputy Clerk of Operations Matthew Bacon.

Legislator Shawn Doyle said there had been a discussion at a recent meeting of the legislature’s Community and Consumer Affairs Committee in regard to Bacon instructing employees to backdate legal documents.

Doyle said he was told the timestamp had been tampered to reflect an earlier date to appear on the documents. He asked County Attorney Richard Mitchell if he had given permission to Bacon to backdate the records and what the status is.

“I’d like to know what Mr. Mitchell has found about this,” Doyle said.

Mitchell said he was not aware of any tampering of the timestamp.

He said the mail had become backlogged and it was being stamped for the date it was received.

If the envelopes were not marked received, they were clocked to the closest date of when they may have been received, Mitchell added.

Doyle said he was concerned about the backdating as it pertains to abstractors who may be conducting search.

Mitchell cut him off by stating, “I share that concern.”

He added that if Doyle had questions he could certainly contact him at his office. “I don’t know of tampering,” he noted.

Minority Leader Mike Kunzwiler said he wanted an extensive investigation to be sure the county would have no liability.

“Do we know for sure that we haven’t put ourselves in liability?” he asked, calling for Mitchell to investigate.

Mitchell said it is not his job to investigate. He added that he would prefer to discuss the question of liability elsewhere.

Kunzwiler said he wanted to be sure the county, the legislature and the public are protected by going back and insuring what was done would pass muster with the law.

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