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Oswego County Legislature committee seats named

by Carol Thompson

The Oswego County Legislature’s standing committee seats have been named for 2013. The structure of some committees has been changed.

The newly created Government, Courts and Consumer Affairs Committee has jurisdiction over the Board of Elections, Legislature Clerk, County Attorney, County Clerk, County Legislature, Real Property and Weights and Measures.

The chairman of the committee is Legislator Terry Wilbur. Legislator John Martino was named vice chairman. Members include legislators Shane Broadwell, David Holst, Jacob Mulcahey, James Oldenburg and Milferd Potter.

The committee meets on the Monday two weeks prior to the regular session of the legislature at 10 a.m.

The Economic Development and Planning Committee meets on the Monday two weeks prior to the regular session of the legislature at 2 p.m. The committee chairman is Legislator Louella LeClair and Broadwell will serve as vice chairman. Members include legislators Morris Sorbello, Shawn Doyle, Amy Tresidder, Dan LeClair and Wilbur.

Legislator Linda Lockwood will chair the Public Safety Committee and Legislator James Karasek will serve as vice chairman. The committee has jurisdiction over the office of the District Attorney, E-911, Emergency Management, Fire Coordinator, Probation and Sheriff’s Department.

Members include legislators Margaret Kastler, Dan LeClair, Mulchaey and Broadwell.

Meetings are held on the Tuesday two weeks prior to the regular session of the legislature at 10 a.m.

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Telecommunications audit sparks debate

Telecommunicationsby Carol Thompson

An audit of telephone bills sparked a debate during the Dec. 13 meeting of the Oswego County Legislature.

Legislators considered a contract with a company that will audit the bills and take a percentage of the savings found.

“The firm will receive a percentage of any recovered overpayments,” Legislator Terry Wilbur said.

Legislator Doug Malone asked if he was correct in his assumption that the company will receive 25 percent of the refund and 20 percent of any future saving

Wilbur said 25 percent will go back to the firm.

“They’re going to save our county money,” he said. “They’re going to receive 20 percent of our savings for the next 18 months.”

Wilbur noted that all phone records will be audited.

Malone asked County Attorney Richard Mitchell if the contract was reasonable.

Mitchell said he did not know enough about the proposal but similar proposals are set up so that there is no charge to the county if no cost savings are found.

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County ethics board clears legislator

by Carol Thompson

The Oswego County Ethics Board has cleared Legislator Terry Wilbur of any conflict-of-interest in relation to his employment with two state assembly members.

Wilbur is employed by Assemblyman Will Barclay and Assemblyman Bob Oaks.  In a July 30 decision, the ethics board ruled that there was no inherent conflict of interest with the office of county legislator.

The board did note that there may be “facts or circumstances which (sic) arise on occasion where there is an appearance of a conflict or  actual conflict of interest.”

The ethics board also considered a vote to retain the law firm Hiscock and Barclay, of which Will Barclay is a partner. Wilbur voted on the contract, leaving the question of whether he had an indirect conflict.

“There is no evidence that Legislator Wilbur has a direct pecuniary or personal interest in the retainer agreement approved as a state employee and, further, if an abstention were recorded, the outcome of arrangement approved by two other municipalities would not change.”

It continues, “That said, it could be construed as creating an appearance of a conflict without  further explanation to the county legislature, or others, of the fact Mr. Wilbur is a State Assembly employee and the recommended course of action in the future would be abstention in a similar circumstance to avoid same.”

The state defines a conflict of interest as a “variety of situations which all have one thing in common: an individual with divided loyalties, such as when a person has to act on behalf of the public in connection with a matter that affects his or her personal interests.”

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Data imaging contract postponed

by Carol Thompson

Members of the Oswego County Legislature’s Community and Consumer Affairs Committee were told Wednesday that there is no update as to the status of a data imaging contract for the office of the County Clerk.

A special committee was formed to conduct a blind review of the eight request for proposals to provide the imaging service to the clerk’s office.

Legislator Terry Wilbur, who serves as chairman of the Community and Consumer Affairs Committee, said he received a bipartisan letter from the blind committee requesting more time to complete the review.

“Both sides of the aisle are on this review committee and they said they need more time,” Wilbur said. He added that if he receives a report from the committee prior to the next meeting, he will call a special meeting.

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