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Legislator Doug Malone

County highway employee disciplined for computer pornography

by Carol Thompson Oswego County Administrator Phil Church confirmed that an employee of the county highway department has been disciplined for viewing pornography on the county computer while at work. During Thursday’s meeting, Legislator Doug Malone asked if there were any new developments with the investigation. As first reported in The Valley News, employees of(…)

Employees allege coworker viewed pornography at work

by Carol Thompson Several employees of the Oswego County Highway Department have alleged that a co-worker has been using the county computer to view pornographic pictures and videos for approximately two years while on taxpayer time. Speaking on the condition of anonymity, four employees, all whistleblowers, said they have witnessed the employee viewing the x-rated(…)

Telecommunications audit sparks debate

by Carol Thompson An audit of telephone bills sparked a debate during the Dec. 13 meeting of the Oswego County Legislature. Legislators considered a contract with a company that will audit the bills and take a percentage of the savings found. “The firm will receive a percentage of any recovered overpayments,” Legislator Terry Wilbur said.(…)

Legislators approve electronic monitoring of offenders

Legislators approve electronic monitoring of offenders

by Carol Thompson The Oswego County Legislature voted Thursday to allow the Probation Department to use a GPS tracking system and electronic bracelets to monitor criminals who are awaiting court action. The system is expected to help alleviate jail overcrowding by providing around-the-clock tracking of offenders in their homes. A contract with Sentinel Offender Services(…)

Democrats irked over redistricting

Democrats irked over redistricting

by Carol Thompson The Oswego County Legislature’s minority caucus is not pleased with the proposed legislative restricting plan that sharply divides some town. “My district looks like a dragon’s tail,” Legislator Doug Malone, who represents the Town of Oswego, said Wednesday. Under the proposed plan, the town will be represented by five legislators. Cost is(…)

County considers splitting committee

County considers splitting committee

by Carol Thompson During Monday’s meeting of the Oswego County Legislature’s Strategic Planning and Government Committee, it was decided that the Department of Social Services should be removed from the blanket of the Health and Human Services Committee and placed under its own jurisdictional committee. Legislator Doug Malone has been pushing the idea to separate(…)

Malone might lose his county legislative district

by Carol Thompson Oswego County Legislator Doug Malone may have to face off against his cousin if his house isn’t put back into his district. When the new legislative district maps were drawn, Malone was removed from the 20th District, where his house is located. When the new maps were distributed last week, it was(…)

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