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County legislature appoints Fred Beardsley to treasurer position

by Carol Thompson

Former Oswego County Legislature Chairman Fred Beardsley was named county treasurer at the April 11 meeting.

For more than 90 minutes, legislators debated the appointment with questions in regard to Beardsley’s education and qualifications repeatedly asked.

During the public comment session, two residents spoke against the appointment. As the floor debate ensued, those supporting Beardsley sat quietly.

Beardsley resigned his position as legislator sometime prior to the meeting, according to legislature Vice Chairman Kevin Gardner, who ran the meeting. Beardsley was said to not be in attendance.

Legislator James Oldenburg read the resolution to appoint Beardsley, stating that Beardsley was well qualified.

That led to a series of questions as to how Beardsley is well qualified.

Minority Leader Mike Kunzwiler asked legislators to picture themselves as responsible for the hiring at a Fortune 500 company.

“You’re here to here to protect the people of that company, which for us are the taxpayers,” he said, adding that one candidate graduated cum laude with a degree in the field, referring to the county’s chief accountant Mark See, who agreed to do the job in addition to his accountant duties for five hours pay per week.

“Can anyone answer if Mr. Beardsley ever filed bankruptcy,” Kunzwiler asked. No one answered.

“Not one person can answer me in this room, and you said, ‘well qualified’,” he said.

Kunzwiler asked if anyone knew Beardsley’s education. Democrats said they had traced Beardsley’s background and found he had attended eleventh grade at Cicero High School, but could find no record of his graduation.

Gardner answered that he wasn’t going to produce the interview process.

Legislator Amy Tresidder said she has received many calls from her constituents opposed to appointment and she would be voting on their behalf.

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Malone might lose his county legislative district

by Carol Thompson

Oswego County Legislator Doug Malone may have to face off against his cousin if his house isn’t put back into his district.

When the new legislative district maps were drawn, Malone was removed from the 20th District, where his house is located.

When the new maps were distributed last week, it was stated that no legislators were removed from the district they represent.

“I know they’re going to fix it,” Malone said, adding that he has yet to have any official confirmation.

The new maps, which are tentative, do include Malone’s business in his current district. His house, however, was put in the district of his relative, Legislator Terry Wilbur.

Districts 1 and 5 remained unchanged. The remaining 23 districts were changed — some minor and some substantially.

While some legislators are pleased with their new boundaries, some are not sure about the new lines. Legislator Morris Sorbello lost a portion of the Town of Granby and gained a section of the Town of Hannibal. He said he has mixed feelings about the new District 23.

Legislator Amy Tresidder, who represents District 16, will cross the Oswego River under the new map, bringing her into a part of the east side of the city. She said she too was unsure of the new lines.

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Legislators irked over ‘gag order’

by Carol Thompson

Some Oswego County Legislators are angered over an e-mail message they received from County Administrator Phil Church in regard to the pending award of a contract for data imaging services for the office of the County Clerk.

During the July 25 meeting of the legislature’s Community and Consumer Affairs Committee, legislators voted to award the contract to Info Quick Solutions, Inc. of Liverpool — despite the company being one of the most costly and having the lowest score given by a panel appointed to review the five bidding vendors.

The committee first received the vendor information blindly with letters replacing company names. Prior to the names being revealed to legislators, County Clerk George Williams said he wanted IQS to receive the contract. He praised the service of IQS and referred to them as “our company.”

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No business: Clerk’s office came to a halt due to computer glitch

by Carol Thompson

For two business days, visitors to the Oswego County Clerk’s office were turned away due to a computer system shut-down that has left legislators angered and employees left with nothing to do.

“I am concerned that Oswego County has been unable to serve the public from the County Clerk’s office for two days,” Legislator Amy Tresidder said. “I am disappointed that I was not contacted regarding the situation.”

The computer system failure came at a time when the county is seeking to award a contract to a vendor to provide data imaging services to the clerk’s office. Attempts to award the contract have been shrouded in controversy for the past 18 months.

The current vendor, Info Quick Solutions, Inc. of Liverpool has been providing the service on a month-to-month basis until a provider is selected. There are reportedly eight companies vying for the contract.

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Hannibal, Oswego communities mourn the loss of Jack Tyrie Jr.

by Carol Thompson

The unexpected death of former Hannibal school teacher Jack Tyrie has left the community in mourning.

Tyrie was a social studies teacher in Hannibal. He retired last year after 33 years and was an adjunct professor at SUNY Oswego.

Tyrie also served as a councilman on the Town of Oswego Board and was later elected as the town supervisor.

Tyrie died Monday evening, leaving those who knew him in shock.

Oswego County Legislature Minority Leader Mike Kunzwiler said he was in disbelief when he heard the news.

“Jack was a very  energetic and committed person to his family and his politics,” he said of his fellow Democrat. “He had a very good sense of humor.”

Legislator Amy Tresidder said she too is in shock over the news of the death of Tyrie. “Jack was one of those people who was always giving,” she said. “He offered joy, inspiration, service and friendship to anyone fortunate enough to have known him. I have not yet come to terms with this loss and I offer my most sincere condolences to his family.”

Oswego Mayor Tom Gillen said Tyrie was like family. “I was shocked,” he said. “I’ve known Jack for a very long time.  It’s more than losing a friend, it’s like losing family. I know Jack was a political guy but I didn’t know him that way. I knew him as a friend. He was a young man and he will be missed.”

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