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Valley Viewpoints: Fun in Fulton

by Mary E. Tetro of Fulton

An almost non existent winter allowed us all to get outside much earlier than normal this year. Watching the city come alive in March was refreshing.

People were out walking and bike riding when the ides of March usually handed us one last blast of snow.

April came in and out with neither a lion nor lamb, making its presence known. When May came, we al know what that means.

It’s time for Jan Rebeor and her committee to start prettying up the city entrances with beautiful welcoming flower displays.

The parks open for softball summer fun. Then it’s time for “Tunes in June” (another Jan Rebeor brain child).

The chamber has continued on with this great event that offers downtown and other employees, seniors from Towpath Towers, the Mill and seniors in general a fun an entertaining lunch time summer happening. (Aren’t we all thankful for Joe Cortini and friends?)

Kiwanis is underway and you can hear the kids and parents from four blocks away cheering on their baseball teams from T-ball on up. Just beautiful!

August is the chamber’s Jazz Fest over on the lake. Thanks to them for bringing back Fulton’s big summer event.

The committee for reviving Lake Neahntawanta is hitting the ground running. With members like Ed Williamson and Louella LeClair involved, I have great faith that somewhere in our future, Recreation Park will be just that, again, and I can’t wait.

The C.V. Abbott park on Seventh Street has seen, once again, residents having a great time with their kids. The best kept secret adjacent to the park is a “Born Learning Trail.” One of a select few in New York State, this adventure is wonderful for your pre-school children.

There are several activities you and your kids join in together and have lots of fun at the same time.

There’s lots to do here…so get out of the house and support what’s going on in Fulton. Don’t wait too long; something tells me Mother Nature will play a reverse trick on us in just a few months.

Still from Fulton and couldn’t be prouder!